The War with Poland

Order No.220

By the Chairman of the Revolutionary War Council of the Republic and People’s Commissar for Transport, May 15, 1920, No.220, Mogilev

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To be hung in prominent places in stations, buildings and carriages and given wide publicity on all railway lines: the Nikolai, the North-Western, the Moscow-Windau, the Alexander, the Western and Riga-Orel lines

Pilsudski’s agents are working harder and harder in our rear. They are devoting their attention principally to destroying our army stores and damaging rail-tracks. In Moscow the artillery depot at Khodynka was blown up by agents of the Polish gentry and, although this explosion did not seriously damage our military interests, it did result in pointless loss of life. On the 12th Army’s front a few days ago, Polish agents, using a slab of gun-cotton, destroyed the permanent way, causing a train to be derailed. Finally, on May 15, at 3.30, at the 106-verst point (between Shklov and Kopys) [Shklov and Kopys are between Mogilev and Orsha.], there was an explosion caused by a slab of gun-cotton. This time no casualties were suffered.

These facts call for a tenfold increase in vigilance, above all in the zone adjoining the front, and especially along the railway lines. Not only the Special Sections and Chekas but each and every Soviet worker, every honourable citizen must strive to protect railway bridges, store-houses and other valuable installations. Maximum vigilance is called for on the roads, at railway stations and in the streets of towns. We must not forget for one moment that roaming amongst us are base hirelings of the Polish gentry, and that only attention and energy on the part of all honourable citizens will enable us to exterminate this vermin.

Be vigilant, Communists! Be vigilant, workers and peasants!

Ruthless treatment for Polish spies, raiders and bombers!

Death to the agents of the Polish gentry!

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