The War with Poland

Postal Telegram No.2886-b

To Comrades Lenin, Chicherin, Karakhan, Krestinsky and Radek

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We must at once launch a planned, systematic, energetic international campaign on this theme. (1) Every day we must mention on the wireless, in different connections and in different ways the destruction carried out in Kiev and the burning of Borisov. [1] (2) Instructions must be sent to Litvinov, Krasin, Gukovsky[I.E. Gukovsky was at this time Soviet ambassador to Estonia.] and all the others to do all they can to ensure the most extensive use of the base outrages committed by the Polish authorities, placing direct responsibility for them on the British and French Governments. The aqueduct was blown up with French dynamite, the Cathedral with British guncotton, and so on.

In our agitation, over the wireless, in the form of notes, and so on, we must at once take the offensive, and in relation to all matters, on every occasion, speak again about Kiev and Borisov, denounce, demand an accounting, and so on.

The whole tone of our diplomatic dealings and declarations, in the next few days at any rate, must become angry and denunciatory.

June 12, 1920


1. Borisov was taken by Red units on May 25, 1920. During May 28 the Poles subjected the town to incessant bombardment from the right bank of the Berezina. Using chemical and incendiary shells, the Poles destroyed the entire town, so that only smoking ruins remained.

When they left Kiev, the Poles blew up the bridges, a number of big buildings, the aqueduct the power station, a number of factories and the Vladimir Cathedral. [see Postal Telegram No.2885-a, note 2. – TIA

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