The War with Poland

A Refutation

(From the People’s Commissariat for Military Affairs)

Transcribed and HTML markup for the Trotsky Internet Archive by David Walters

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Rumours are being spread in the German Press to the effect that the Soviet Government is not in a position to halt the advance of the Red Army, which is alleged to be operating independently. The meaning and purpose of these reports is quite obvious. The German counter-revolution is trying to frighten public opinion with the possibility that the Red Army may launch an offensive even in spite of Moscow’s plans. Needless to say, such reports are malicious lies. The Red Army’s advance, although exceptionally rapid, is being carried out with extreme regularity so that the farthest forward points are, as a general rule, being occupied by the Red regiments on the dates laid down by the High Command. The Red Army’s independence finds expression in the fact that it distinguishes very well between its friends and its enemies, and knows firmly what it is fighting for, but not at all in refusal to subordinate itself to the orders of the central authority elected by all-Russia congresses of workers’, peasants’ and Red Army men’s deputies.

August 16, 1920

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