The Southern Front

The Fight Against Wrangel

Order No.234

By Chairman of the Revolutionary War Council of the Republic, August 18, 1920, No.234

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In order to rout the hireling of the French bourgeoisie Baron Wrangel the Southern front needs to strengthen its cavalry units. I order each military district, immediately and with exceptional energy, to set about forming cavalry units: squadrons, troops and mounted machinegun troops (in accordance with the establishments laid down in the order of the Revolutionary War Council of the Republic 1919 No.465, p.1201/226).

There are to be converted into these formations:

  1. as regards personnel – predominantly, Communists, sympathisers and volunteers wholly devoted to the workers’ and peasants’ power, making use for the purpose, as extensively as possible, of the appropriate available staff of the district.
  2. as regards horses – on the strict responsibility of the relevant commanders and commissars, all horses of cavalry type that are needed are to be taken from army units, administrations, institutions and establishments of the War Department, at both district and central level.

For this same purpose, purchase of suitable horses from the population, on a voluntary basis, is to be undertaken on a large scale.

The Central Supply Administration is to take very urgent measures, disregarding all established priorities, to ensure that the units being formed receive arms and all other articles of supply.

Special attention is to be given to the successful formation of these units by the districts, with extensive agitation in the localities to point out the particular importance of the present measures for the defence of Soviet Russia.

Special attention will be paid to the district and provincial commissariats which distinguish themselves by their greater progress in carrying out this military order.

The formation of units is to be completed by September 1 of this year.

The order is to be transmitted by telegraph.

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