The Southern Front

The Fight Against Wrangel

Order No.246

By the Chairman of the Revolutionary War Council of the Republic to the Armies of the Southern Front, October 13, 1920, No.246, Kharkov

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Peace has been signed with Poland. The Red Army obtained this peace at a high price in blood. If there were no Wrangel in the South, the Soviet republic would now be free from wars. The larger part of the army could be demobilised. The workers and peasants could have gone back to peaceful labour. The strength, energy and devotion that you have shown in battle, you would have directed into peaceful labour, and in one or two years we should have achieved great progress in all spheres of economic life.

By stubborn combined labour we should have won prosper-ity for our country in a short time. If we had been free from wars, the Soviet Republic, in which there are no landlords, capitalists or exploiters, would have become within a decade a very rich and happy country.

Soldiers of the Red Army! Who is preventing this? Wrangel. Who bars the road to peace? Wrangel. The noble-kulak bands of Wrangel helped the Polish offensive and are now continuing to ravage and devastate our country. Nor is that all – the Wrangelites are trying to bring in French troops to support them, turning the Ukraine into a French colony.

We need peace and labour. The road to peace and labour is blocked by Wrangel’s bands.

Soldiers of the Red Army! Annihilate Wrangel! Wipe his bands off the face of the earth!

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