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Order No.78

By the Chairman of the Revolutionary War Council of the Republic and People’s Commissar for Military and Naval Affairs to the Nikolayev Division, January 27, 1919, No. 78, Pokrovsk, Saratov Province.

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To be read to all companies, batteries and squadrons

Soldiers of the Nikolayev Division! Traitors and enemies of the working people have deceived you. Paid agents of Krasnov and Dutov have urged you on to the path of open mutiny. You have revolted against the Soviet power, elected by millions of workers and peasants. You have driven out and killed the commissars and commanders appointed by the Soviet power. You are not obeying the military orders issued by the Soviet power. Your ringleaders, bribed by Dutov and Kolchak, are entering into relations with enemies of the working class.

I have come to your front in order to put an end to your shameful, dishonourable mutiny.

Firm, valiant and honourable Red regiments have been moved up by me from Saratov, Moscow, Uralsk, Orenburg, Astrakhan and Kamyshin for the purpose of surrounding and ruthlessly crushing you.

I have instructed the Soviet authorities to place your families under temporary arrest and to seal all your property in villages and towns.

On behalf of the Council of People’s Commissars I order that all instigators, agents of Dutov and Krasnov, traitors and selfseekers are to be crushed, shot, wiped off the face of the earth. There is to be no quarter for anyone. When the regiments of the Volsk Division mutinied, not a trace was left of them. So shall it be with you. The Soviet Republic admits of no mercy for traitors and scoundrels.

Only those will save their lives who immediately lay down their arms and present themselves as penitents before the Soviet power. Only that regiment will be preserved which itself arrests all traitors and hands them over to the Soviet authorities. Whoever remains in the ranks of the mutineers twelve hours after the publication of this order will meet with ruin and death.

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