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To The Cossacks!

Transcribed and HTML markup for the Trotsky Internet Archive by David Walters

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Cossacks! Krasnov’s army has been smashed. Not so long ago it was threatening Voronezh and Balashov, but now it has been thrown back beyond the Don. Liski, Bobrov, Talovaya, Paylovsk, Boguchar, Novokhopersk, Borisoglebsk, Povorino, Uryupinskaya, Valuiki, Kupyansk, Starobyelsk, Lugansk – all these important places have passed into the hands of the Soviet forces. A great deal of military booty was left for the Red regiments by the defeated Krasnovite bands. More and more fresh Soviet forces are being concentrated on the Don front. After a week or two have gone by, the Soviet regiments will enter Novocherkassk and Rostov.

On other fronts, too, the workers’ and peasants’ government is vanquishing its foes. In the West the Red forces have recovered Pskov, Riga, Ust-Dvinsk, Mitau, Dvinsk, Polotsk, Minsk, Gomel and many other towns.

In the Ukraine the Soviet Ukrainian forces have taken Kharkov, Poltava, Chernigov and Konotop, and are still advancing.

In the East our Red regiments have in recent weeks captured Ufa and Orenburg. Dutov, Krasnov’s ally, has been defeated.

There is no salvation for Krasnov. The time has come for you, working Cossacks, to realise that fact – and for you, too, junior officers deceived by Krasnov. It is time for you to lay down your arms, time to cease your senseless resistance. If you surrender your weapons and disperse quietly to your homes, you will be pardoned for all the crimes you have committed against the people while in Krasnov’s service, If you continue to resist, merciless punishment will descend upon you.

Working Cossacks! Get together, discuss your situation, send envoys to the Red regiments. Hand over your arms, come under the Red banners of the Soviet power.

Death to the traitors and hangmen of the people! Down with Krasnóv!

Long live the brotherhood of the workers, peasants and working Cossacks!

This telegram has just been received:

’Uralsk has been taken by units of the First Army after stubborn fighting. The enemy has been completely smashed and scattered along the whole Orenburg-Uralsk front.’

The Ural Cossacks have ended their senseless resistance. It is time for you, Cossacks of the Don, to follow their example.

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