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Order No.83

By the Chairman of the Revolutionary War Council of the Republic and People’s Commissar for Military and Naval Affairs to the Red Army and the Red Navy, March 9, 1919, No.83, Moscow

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Greetings from the Communist International

Early in March, representatives of the revolutionary workers of various countries of Europe and America came together in Moscow at a congress held in order to establish close revolutionary collaboration among the working people of all lands in the struggle against their oppressors. This congress founded the Communist International – that is, an international alliance of workers, soldiers and working peasants, for establishing a world-wide Soviet republic which will forever put an end to enmity and wars between the peoples.43 At one of its sessions the Communist International adopted the following resolution of greeting to the Russian Workers” and Peasants” Red Army:

“The congress of the Communist International conveys to the Red Army of Soviet Russia its hearty greetings and all wishes for complete victory in the struggle against international imperialism.’

This fraternal greeting from the international proletariat must be made know to all the warriors of the Red Army and the Red Navy. I hereby order commissars to read it out to all companies, task-forces, squadrons and batteries and to all ships” crews. Every soldier of the Red Army, every sailor of the Red Army will hear with merited pride this message of greeting from the highest and most authoritative institution of the world working class. The Red Army and the Red Navy will not fail the expectations and hopes of the Communist International.

Under the banner of the working class of the world – forward!

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