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Order No.84

By the chairman of the Revolutionary War Council of the Republic and People’s Commissar for Military and Naval Affairs to Railway Workers, March 18, 1919, No.84, Ruzayevka station

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Comrade railway workers!

There are still to be found in your ranks a number of enemies of the working class from among those Black-Hundred members whom Rukhlov [S.V. Rukhlov was the Tsar’s Minister of Transport in 1909-1915.] selected, after the defeat of the revolutionary transport workers. Today, these counter-revolutionary railwaymen, represented mainly among the senior office workers, are making use of every opportunity to intensify the disorder of the railways. Members of the railway administration have been mixed up in all the White-Guard revolts, helping to transport the rebels, facilitating their choice of routes, and providing them with communications through the railway telegraph. I remind you that the Soviet Republic is an armed camp, surrounded by enemies. I remind you that the railways have been put under martial law. I remind you that enemies of the working class and the poor peasantry are subjected by the Soviet power to ruthless punishment, up to and including execution by shooting.

I order that security on the railways be redoubled in vigilance, responsibility being placed on the village and volost soviets in the railway zone for protection of the stretches of line adjoining their respective territories.

In the event of danger to the permanent way the most ruthless measures are to be taken.

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