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To the Foreign Soldiers
in North Russia

Transcribed and HTML markup for the Trotsky Internet Archive by David Walters

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Soldiers – British, American, French, Italians, Serbs! [1]

Your situation is becoming more and more difficult. The British and American press speaks openly about the hopeless situation that the Archangel expedition is in. Your governments have thrown you into the cold North and then halted in a state of indecision. Despite our open proposal of peace, your governments have, so far, not agreed to peace. But, at the same time, they have understood that it is not possible to dispose of Soviet Russia by armed force. You are the victims of this hesitation of theirs. Your resistance is fruitless.

They are frightening you by saying that, if captured, you will be dealt with severely.

Soldiers! This is a base lie! The Soviet Government knows that you are not to blame for the bandit raid on our North country. Your imperialists forced you into it. If you surrender, you will meet with a comradely welcome from us. None of you will suffer. The Soviet Government assures you, before the whole world, that not one hair will fall from the head of any foreign soldier or officer who becomes a prisoner.

Do not believe the lies and slanders of your venal newspaper hacks!

Believe the honest word of the Russian workers and peasants!

Cease your senseless resistance!

Down with this dishonourable slaughter in the interests of Anglo-French and American capital!

Long live the alliance of Russian, American, British, French and Italian workers!

April 6, 1919


1. The “Serbs” mentioned here were Yugoslav soldiers who had deserted from the Austro-Hungarian, army or had been taken prisoner by the Russians, during World War I, like many Czechoslovaks and Poles, and, like them, had joined the interventionists in the hope of contributing to the liberation of their homelands.

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