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Thanks, Workers’ Moscow

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The men and women workers of Moscow have taken absolutely seriously their adoption of certain military units. They have understood that Soviet patronage is not just a decorative device, useful for solemn speeches at ceremonial sessions. That sin is, unfortunately, observable in some places ... No, the Muscovites have got down to the job, rolling up their sleeves. They have understood excellently that today is not a time for decorative politics. In all spheres of construction we have entered a period of slow, stubborn, persistent hard work. Only thus will it be possible to improve the position of the Red Army. Declarations of sympathy, resolutions and speeches, even the very best of them, will not by themselves solve the problem. What is needed here is businesslike and practical attention to the Red Army, to all the trifles of its everyday life. Just such attention is being given by the Moscow Soviet, the district Soviets and individual large enterprises in Moscow. The uyezds around Moscow are beginning to come into line with them. The Red Army’s needs are so great and so various that it is not possible to bring about big changes all at once; but it is possible, though, to be free from doubt that, in Moscow, Kit Week will not be an affair of mere agitational uproar, but will leave behind it a substantial heritage, in the form of some improvements, modest but lasting, in the material and spiritual welfare of the Moscow garrison.

All measures must be taken to ensure that information about the way the Week has been carried out in Moscow shall be made known as widely as possible throughout the country. May this good example give rise as soon as possible to emulation.

Meanwhile, the Red Army has every reason to say a very warm Thank You to proletarian Moscow!

January 25, 1922

Izvestiya V.Ts.I.K., No.18

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