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Order No.259

By the Chairman of the Revolutionary War Council of the Republic, September 5, 1921, No.259, Zhitomir

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On September 4 I carried out an inspection of the troops of the Zhitomir garrison and the artillery batteries of the 44th Infantry Division, which had marched to the scene of the inspection from the places where they were quartered.

The cheerful spirit of the troops, their good bearing and orderly movement, the satisfactory state of their uniforms and equipment, and also the strong, robust and well-trained horses of the gunners showed clearly that these troops are completely united, well-trained and well-supplied military units which are ready to take the field at any moment in defence of the Soviet Ukraine.

For their outstanding performance at the inspection I give thanks to all the Red Army men, and to the commanders and commissars, headed by the commander of the 44th Infantry Division, Comrade Dubov, who has worked zealously for more than two years to create a division which is powerful and devoted to the workers’ and peasants’ power.

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