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Order No.260

By the Chairman of the Revolutionary War Council of the Republic, September 5, 1921, No.260, Kiev

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Having this day carried out an inspection of the troops of the Kiev garrison, I am happy to record the fact that the units of this garrison seemed outstandingly well-united formations, with an excellent military bearing. The cheerfulness and self-confidence of the Red units, both when in extended order on the ground and when marching in columns provide irrefutable evidence that the heart of the Ukraine, the city of Kiev, is, in the person of its Red garrison, a strong bastion against any attacks by the enemies of our Soviet Republic.

For the outstandingly good state of the units at the inspection I consider it my revolutionary duty to give thanks to the Red Army men and to the commanders and commissars of the units of the garrison, and I wish the Red troops further success in their military task of defending the conquests of the Revolution and strengthening the might of our young republic.

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