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Order No.262

By the Chairman of the Revolutionary War Council of the Republic, September 10, 1921, No.262, Zazishe station [1]

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Today I inspected the cavalry regiment of the 51st Red Banner Infantry Division.

The regiment met me in extended order, with on its right flank the platoon of the regimental school, and trumpeters.

The confident and inspired air of the Red cavalrymen, together with their perfect dressing throughout the ranks, made a most gratifying impression.

The inspection concluded with the solving of tactical problems and a regimental exercise.

Both were carried out by the regiment with obvious skill on the part of the Red Army men and their commanders.

The general condition of the regiment’s weapons was satisfactory.

All this proves that the regiment’s work is at the proper level.

This famous cavalry regiment is filled with real revolutionary ardour, and will be able to defend, under hard battle conditions, the independence and dignity of the Federative Soviet Republic.

I wish the regiment further success and prosperity in its service, and i the name of the Red Army I give hearty thanks for the brilliant state of the regiment to the Red Army men, the commanders, the regimental commander Comrade Byelov and the military commissar Comrade Kovalenko.


1. Zatishe is on the line from Proskurov to Odessa, about 45 kilometres from the river Dniester.

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