The Red Army on a Peace Footing

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Order No.2846

By the Revolutionary War Council of the Republic, December 21, 1922, No.2846, Moscow

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The Ninth All-Russia Congress of Soviets, having taken note of the importance of the Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Navy for the defence of the maritime frontiers of the Soviet Republic, entrusted to the sailors the hard and responsible task of building the Red Navy.

A year of tireless work by the best section of the revolutionary sailors has produced positive results.

The estabishment of patronage of the Navy by the Central Committee of the Russian Young Communist League marked the beginning of participation by the broad masses of the workers and peasants in building the Navy.

For further strengthening of the Navy’s might and for drawing closer the bonds between the sailors and the working masses of the Soviet Republic, the period between January 15 and 22, 1923 will be made ‘Red Navy Week’.

During this week, every Red Army man, commander and political worker must explain the importance of the Navy for the Soviet Republic and the successes which have been achieved in building it.

The Revolutionary War Council of the Republic orders that:

  1. Naval parades are to be held at the bases of the Red Navy, at which the fleets will receive patronage banners from the Russian Young Communist League. Land forces of all arms will participate in these parades as ordered by senior army chiefs.
  2. The political authorities and commanders of the Army and the Navy are to make use of the campaign to establish close ties and mutual friendship between Red Army men and Red Navy men, remembering that defence of the land and sea frontiers of the Soviet Republic is a task for all the working people of our country.

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