The Red Army on a Peace Footing

Orders, Circulars, Telegrams, etc.

Order No.279

By the Chairman of the Revolutionary War Council of the Republic, April 22, 1923, No.279, Moscow

Demyan Byedny [1], sharpshooter at the enemies of the working people, valiant trooper of the word, has been awarded by the All-Russia Central Executive Committee, on the initiative of the Revolutionary War Council of the Republic, the Order of the Red Banner.

Demyan Byedny did not leave the ranks of the Red Army all through the civil war. He participated in its struggle and its victories.

Demyan has now been discharged on indefinite leave. If the hour should come, the army will summon him again.

When he learns of the award made to his very own poet, every Red soldier will say: ‘Thanks, All-Russia Central Executive Committee. A well-deserved award!’


[1] ‘Demyan Byedny’ was the pseudonym of E.A. Pridvorov, a Bolshevik since 1912. In the 1930s he wrote ‘anti-Trotskyisi’ poems. He died in 1945.

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