The Red Army on a Peace Footing

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Order No.281

By the Chairman of the Revolutionary War Council of the USSR and the People’s Commissar for Militaty and Naval Affairs, October 29, 1923, No.281, Moscow

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The Red Army and the Red Navy greet the Red youth on the fifth anniversary of their league. The armed forces of the Soviet Republic grew and become strong in step with the growth of the organisations of the proletariat and the peasantry, and, in particular, of the Young Communist League. The repeated mobilisations of young people that were carried out at difficult moments were among the surest ways to the achievement of victory.

In releasing the older age-groups from their ranks, the Army and Navy have thereby drawn still closer to the youth. The YCL’s patronage of the Navy played a very big role in the restoration of our naval forces. The League’s active attention to the Air Fleet is a guarantee of its development. Of inestimable importance is the organisational and educational work of the League in the sphere of pre-call-up preparation, which must and will become the basis for our defence in the years that lie ahead.

So long as the worker and peasant youth are inspired by the ideas of the Young Communist League, no storms or ordeals will break or shake us.

On behalf of the Red Army and the Red Navy, the Revolutionary War Council of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics hands over a banner to the Central Committee of the Young Communist League, as a token of greeting, gratitude and brotherhood.

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