The Kronstadt Mutiny


At the Parade in Honour of the Heroes of Kronstadt, April 3, 1921

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The Kronstadt events were a link in that steel chain which the imperialists of all countries are forging against the Soviet power.

Under the slogan of improving the Soviet power, ‘Soviet power without the Communists’, the bourgeoisie, national and international, sought to rally the workers and peasants against the Soviet power.

The Paris and Finnish stock-exchanges grasped at once the meaning of Kronstadt, and their loyal spokesman Milyukov repeated: ‘There’s no need to be frightened. One can’t get anywhere by coming out against Soviets. It’s necessary to use the slogan of non-Party Soviets to destroy the Soviet power.’

A section of the sailors swallowed this bait. We waited as long as we could for the bemused sailor comrades to see with their own eyes where the mutiny was taking them. But we found ourselves faced with the danger of the ice thawing, and were compelled to strike a short, sharp, well-aimed blow.

With unprecedented heroism, in a feat unheard of in the history of war, our cadets and the Red Army units inspired by them took by storm a first-class naval fortress.

Without firing a shot they advanced across the ice, perished and conquered, these sons of workers’ and peasants’ Russia who were loyal to the revolution. They will not be forgotten by the working people of Russia and of the whole world.

I am sure that no spot will ever stain this banner. And in difficult times, when weary doubt stirs in our hearts, we shall remember Kronstadt and its banner, and go forward cheerfully to victory.

April 5, 1921, No.73

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