The International Situation and the Red Army

I. The International Situation in the Autumn of 1921


At the Parade of the Moscow Garrison on the Day of the First Graduation of Red General Staff Officers, September 26, 1921

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You all know that the Polish Government has presented us with an ultimatum. We are willing to make such concessions as are acceptable to us, but let not our enemies suppose that our Red Army has grown weaker. We did not and do not want, of course, to attack anyone, we want peace on our frontiers and honest, peaceful work inside our country. Proof of this is that, since the time that we concluded a whole series of peace treaties, we have demobilised a large part of the Red Army, considerably reducing its numbers, but the fighting capacity of our Red Army has not only been decreased as a result, it has increased, thanks to the great deal of work which has been put in to improve its qualitative composition. Whoever doubts the existence of our victorious armed forces ought to be present here, on Red Square. Here they could convince themselves that the Red Army is alive and that it is strong. We are all filled with desire that armed conflict may be avoided through the work of our diplomats, we hope that our diplomacy will bring results, but at the same time we tell our diplomats that if their intense work and striving for peace should be frustrated by anyone, contrary to our wishes, we all, as one man, with even greater strength and resolution than previously on our fronts, will defend in arms the Russia of the workers and peasants. We shall strive for peace, comrades, and at the same time keep firm hold of our rifles and sabres.

Long live the garrison of Moscow! Long live the Red General Staff Officers! Long live our Red Army!

September 27, 1921
Pravda, No.215

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