Leon Trotsky

Between Red and White

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Printed editions

Leon Trotsky’s Between Red and White was first published in Russian under the title Mezhdu Imperializmom i Revolyutsiei: osnovnye voprosy revoliutsii na chastnom primere Gruzii, by the State publishing house in Moscow, in 1922 – LCCN 43-22428

It was published again in Moscow the following year, along with other works (including Terrorism and Communism), in a single volume titled Osnovnye voprosy revoliutsii – LCCN 43-34128

The first English edition of this work was published in London in 1922 by the Communist Party of Great Britain, under the title Between red and white; a study of some fundamental questions of revolution, with particular reference to Georgia – ltf90-33802

It was reprinted under the same title in 1975 by Hyperion Press of Westport, Conn. – LCCN 74-10082 r935, ISBN 0883551896

In the same year (1975), a new edition was published in London by New Park Publications, under the title Social democracy and the wars of Intervention in Russia, 1918-1921. This edition does not specifically mention the 1922 CPGB edition, but the fact that the copyright notice only covers the foreword and glossary, leads us to believe that this, too, is a reprint of the first edition – LCCN 76-357839 r935 / ISBN 0902030701 : L1.00

The only other editions we are aware of, are a 1922 Paris French-language edition by the librairie de l’Humanité Entre l”impŽrialisme et la rŽvolution (Notice BNF n—: FRBNF31499544) and another French-language edition under the same title, possibly a reprint of the first, published in Brussels by La Taupe in 1970.

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