Leon Trotsky

Between Red and White


To the memory of Stepan Shaumyan, Alexei Japaridze and 24 other Baku Communists, who were shot without investigation or trial, on a lonely spot between the stations of Pereval and Akhcha Kun in Trans-Caucasia, on 20th September 1918, by Teague-Jones, the chief of the British military mission at Ashkhabad, with the knowledge and approbation of the other British Authorities in Trans-Caucasia, notably the commander of the British forces in Trans-Caucasia, Major-General Thompson;

To the memory of the workers shot by the Menshevik government during a meeting in Alexander Gardens at Tbilisi, on the 10th of February, 1918;

To the memory of tens, hundreds and thousands of Caucasian Communists, who perished in the struggle for the Soviet regime, shot, hanged, tortured to death, by the coalition “democratic” government of Trans-Caucasia, by the Menshevik Government of “democratic” Georgia, by the troops of the Sultan, the ally of the Trans-Caucasian “democracy”, by the troops of the Hohenzollern protector of Menshevik Georgia; by the British troops which entered Georgia for a joint struggle with the Mensheviks against the Communists, by the White Guards of Denikin and Wrangel directly and indirectly aided by the Georgian Mensheviks;

To the memory of the revolutionary leaders of the peasant revolts in Ossetia, Abkhasia, Adjaria, Guria, etc., shot by the Menshevik government of Georgia;


written for the purpose of unmasking the lies, calumny and slander that rise like a thick cloud from the camp of the oppressors, exploiters, imperialists, robbers and murderers and their political hirelings and willing flunkeys.

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