In Soviet Russia

Trotzky’s Command to the Red Army on
the Anniversary of the Russian Revolution

(22 November 1923)

Source: International Press Correspondence, Vol. 3 No. 72 [48], 22 November 1923, p. 833.
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The Union of Socialist Soviet Republics celebrates its 6th anniversary amidst the gathering clouds of great and terrible events in Europe. In view of the endeavors being made by the imperialist robbers of the world to tear the body of the German nation to pieces, and in view of the heroic efforts being made by the German working class to defend the independence of the country and to clear the way to a socialist state of society, we arc more resolved than ever to secure the independence of the Soviet Union and its future. The workers of all countries possess our warmest sympathies. Our powers are devoted to the preservation of peace. But the military watchfulness of the Soviet government will not relax until the piratical intentions of imperialism are frustrated.

On November 7, the 6th anniversary of the greatest revolution, the troops solemnly march past before the assembled workers. Our parade, this time as always, will represent neither hot-headed over-zealousness nor any description of belligerent provocation. But more than ever before it will express our complete readiness to interpose our own bodies between our peace and work, and those who venture to attempt any attack upon them.


The Chairman of the Revolutionary Council of War of the SSSR
and People’s Commissary for the Army and Navy

L. Trotzky

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