Leon Trotsky

The Lessons of October




The Lessons of October was written in 1924 as a preface to a volume of Trotsky’s writings from 1917. It was published in English in the Communist International’s news magazine Imprecorr in February of 1925.
This translation was made by John. G. Wright and first published by Pioneer Publishers in 1937.
Transcribed for the World Wide Web by David Walters in 1996.
Proofread in 2006 by Chris Clayton

1 – We Must Study the October Revolution

2 – The Democratic Dictatorship of the Proletariat and Peasantry
– in February and October

3 – The Struggle Against War and Defensism

4 – The April Conference

5 – The July Days; the Kornilov Episode;
the Democratic Conference and the Pre-Parliament

6 – On the Eve of the October Revolution; the Aftermath

7 – The October Insurrection and Soviet ‘Legality’

8 – Again, on the Soviets and the Party in a Proletarian Revolution

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