L.D. Trotsky

La Verité and The Militant

(January 1930)

Written: 22 January 1920.
Source: Throughout the World of Labor, The Militant, Vol. III No. 9, 1 March 1930, p. 5.
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There was no dearth of prophets who predicted the doom of La Verité even before it appeared. Several profound sages explained their desertion by saying that conditions were not suitable for the formation of a Communist Party in general. Nevertheless La Verité not only grows and gathers strength, but now has acquired a fighting ally as precious as La Lutte de Classes. La Verité itself assumes a clearer and more distinct form. One cannot but agree with our Chinese comrade N. who recently wrote from Shanghai that La Verité of Paris and The Militant of New York are the best publications of the International Opposition.

Excerpt from A New Step Forward, by L.D. Trotsky, Constantinople, January 22, 1930.

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