Leon Trotsky

Documentary History of the Fourth International

Letters to the Italian Left Communists

(Two Letters to Followers of Comrade Amadeo Bordiga)

Written: September 25, 1929 & April 22, 1930.
Source: Fourth International New York, Vol.8 No.6 (Whole No. 81), June 1947, pp.187-190.
Translated: Fourth International
Transcription/HTML Markup: David Walters.
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The world Trotskyist movement was built from its inception in incessant struggle not only against revisionists and centrists but also against sectarians. Especially illuminating in this connection are a series of letters written by Leon Trotsky in 1929-30 in an attempt to find, within the framework of a single organization, a common ground for collaborating with the Italian revolutionist Bordiga and his group. The attempt failed. – Editor

Letter of September 25, 1929

An Open Letter [of April 22, 1930]

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