Leon Trotsky

World Unemployment
and the First Five Year Plan


Presented here a two essays, written in 1930 while Trotsky was in exile in Turkey, but published together in the Cyelonese version, in 1952. The introduction was written by Colvin R. de Silva, the founder of Ceylonese Trotskyim, the Lanka Sama Samaja Party, or LSSP. The LSSP was the dominant party on the left in Ceylon, now called Sri Lanka, when de Selva wrote this introduction as part of a celebration of national "Trotsky Day" sponsored by the LSSP and the various Tade Unions lead by the LSSP. We thank the Holt Labor Library in San Francisco, CA, for providing the Trotsky Internet Archive with a copy of this original pamphlet. To contact the Trotsky Internet Archive write to David Walters.

1. Introduction

2. World Unemployment

3. A Letter to the Communist Workers of Czecho-Slovakia

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Last updated on: 30 May 2021