Trotsky Greets El Soviet

(September 1931)

Written: 29 September 1931.
Source: The Militant, Vol. IV No. 28 (Whole No. 87), 31 October 1931, p. 1.
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Dear Friends:

You are preparing the publication of the weekly. This is a serious step forward. Let us hope that the others will follow swiftly, after this one.

In Spain, as elsewhere, communism is divided into three factions: Right wing, Centrist and Left. The Right represents a combination of communism and social democracy, trade unionism or syndicalism, functioning according to the national conditions. In Spain, as in other countries, the official representation of the Comintern is in the hands of the Centrists, that is, people who vacillate between revolutionary Marxism and various phases of "Communist" opportunism. The strength of Centrism in the Comintern is conditioned by the fact that it supports itself on the state power of the U.S.S.R. Under the present conditions, Centrism is not only an ideological current, not only a faction, but a powerful bureaucratic state apparatus. In conducting a perfunctory, confused and contradictory policy, with not only the authority but also by the material means of the Comintern at its disposal, Centrism has created cruel ravages in the world vanguard of the proletariat, and already led several revolutions to catastrophes. In Spain, through the fault of the Centrist bureaucracy, the Communist party proved to be a miserably small factor at the beginning of the revolution. Imposing a false policy on the national sections, the Stalinist bureaucracy permits no criticism of itself and thereby obstructs the education of the proletarian vanguard, preventing the formation of a vigorous Communist party, independent and sure of itself. Therein consists the chief danger threatening the Spanish revolution which is developing so powerfully before our own eyes.

The principle position of the Leninist-Bolsheviks (Left Opposition) has been confirmed by the gigantic events of world development, particularly by the entire advance of the Spanish revolution. The official Communist party, thrown off guard at each step in the progress of the revolution, corrects its mistakes in little parcels, basing itself on our criticism, utilizing our principle line, because Centrism in itself is empty and barren.

But, for the faction of the Leninist-Bolsheviks, a correct principle position does not suffice; it is necessary to apply it precisely to the daily events. Revolutionary strategy requires a corresponding tactic.

The importance of the weekly consists therein, that it brings the Spanish Left Opposition face to face with all the current happenings and forces it to give its immediate fighting reply to them. With the creation of the weekly, the Spanish Opposition rises to a higher stage.

To assemble the proletariat, especially in an epoch of tempestuous convulsions, can only be done on the basis of a consistent revolutionary position. This is your historic mission, Spanish Leninists You must increase your efforts twofold, threefold, tenfold. The voice of the Leninist-Bolsheviks must resound in all parts of the country, at all the mass meetings. Yours are grandiose tasks. The revolution does not wait. Woe to those that lag behind! With all my heart I wish you that you may not prove to be lagging behind!

Kadikoy, September 29, 1931


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