Leon Trotsky


This volume contains the report of the hearings of the Preliminary Commission of Inquiry, but none of the documents introduced in evidence, save for excerpts actually read into the record. A later volume will contain the report of the full Commission, together with records of further hearings both here and abroad, and documents finally accepted in evidence by the Commission.

The Preliminary Commission of Inquiry takes this occasion to thank Mrs. Robert Latham George for having generously permitted it to establish its headquarters in her house, and for having housed three of its members during their stay in Mexico City. It is indebted to Mr. Charles Rumford Walker for invaluable assistance in handling its relations with the press, and to both Mr. and Mrs. Walker for having undertaken, and discharged to the satisfaction of all concerned, the responsibility for the issuance of cards and the supervision of admissions to the hearings. Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Iturbe kindly undertook to interpret the proceedings to those representatives of Mexican labor organizations who were present at the hearings; and for their assistance in this matter, and also for that of Mrs. Otto Ruehle during those sessions which she was able to attend, the Preliminary Commission is deeply grateful.

JOHN DEWEY, Chairman


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