Leon Trotsky

Their Friend Miaja

(March 1939)

Written: 24 March 1939.
Source: Socialist Appeal, Vol. III No. 20, 28 March 1939, p. 4.
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COYOACAN, D.F., March 24 – As I see from the last issue of the Socialist Appeal received here, the Stalinists try to link us with Miaja and his staff. The Socialist Appeal has already given a clear answer to this frameup. In this connection permit me to quote from my article, The Lesson of Spain, written in December 1937. Analyzing the possibility, under certain circumstances, of a rapprochement between the leaders of fighting camps, I wrote: “It is not difficult to understand that in the case of this variant the final remnants of the ‘democracy’ will prove to be stifled in the fraternal embrace of the generals Miaja (Communist!) and Franco (Fascist!).”

Marxist theory gives the possibility of foreseeing some things even on a personal plane. Stalinist practice (here there is no theory at all) consists of combinations of betrayals and frameups.

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