Biographies, Critiques, Criticisms, Sketches, Autobiographies, Obituaries and Memoirs of

Leon Trotsky



A. V. Lunacharsky: Lev Davidovich Trotsky (1923)

Louise Bryant: Leon Trotsky, Soviet War Lord (1922)

J. C. Mariategui:

Max Eastman: Leon Trotsky: The Portrait of a Youth 1925

Leon Trotsky: My Life (1930)

James P. Cannon: To the memory of the old man (obituary—1940)

Pandelis Pouliopoulos: Trotsky: One of the Great Leaders of Marxism (study—1941)

Gérard Rosenthal, Avocat de Trotsky: A Visit With Trotsky

Fritz Sternberg: Conversations with Trotsky (1934)



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