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Leon Trotsky

Collected Writings on

The Spanish Revolution

An Index to His Writings

1931: The Revolution In Spain [Pamphlet]

1931: The Spanish Revolution and the Dangers Threatening It [Pamphlet – 64k]

1931: For Communist Unity in Spain

1931: The Problems Of The Spanish Revolution From Day To Day [Series of letters – 64k]

1931: For the Spanish Revolution: The Ten Commandments of the Spanish Communists

1931: The Character of the Revolution (The Spanish Revolution on the Order of the Day for the Left Opposition)

1931: The National Question in Catalonia

1931: Problems of the Spanish Revolution

1931: Nine-Tenths of Our Activities for the Revolution in Spain – On the Maurin Group in Catalonia and the Left Opposition

1931: A Letter About the Spanish Revolution

1931: Tactics Flowing from the Election Results (alternative translation)

1931: The Role of Strikes in a Revolution

1931: On The Slogan of Soviets – From a Letter to Andres Nin

1931: Trotsky on Opposition and the Party in Spain (letter to Andres Nin)

1933: The Spanish “Kornilovs” and “Stalinists”

1936: The Tasks in Spain

1936: The Lesson of Spain

1937: The Lessons of Spain: The Last Warning

1939: Tragedy of Spain

1939: Spain, Stalin and Yezhov

1939: Once again on the causes of the defeat in Spain

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