Walter Ulbricht

Speech to the Reichstag

(23. February 1932)

Translation: The Red Path.
HTML Mark-up: Einde O’Callaghan for the Marxists’ Internet Archive.

The discussion in this Reichstag has shown, that this Reichstag is being session for the imperialist war politics. He shows, that the national socialists and social democrats are ingratiating to proof that they are the most loyal servants of Hindenburg and Groener! The Communist Party is the only political party of the proletariat, which is using the president election, to win the million masses of the working class because of their daily struggles for the Bolshevik goals, to expand and firm the united front of the proletariat as leader of all working people, to unmask the parties in the currently existing bourgeois dictatorship and her most reliable supporter, the social democracy, as the deadly foes of the working class! That is the appeal of the central committee of our party, which was taken enthusiastic by millions of workers and peasants in the enterprises, on the dole offices, by the employees in the bureaus, by the small peasants, the working peasants in the villages. Millions cheer towards the red worker candidate, our comrade Thälmann.

The German weapons, which were carried victorious in foreign countries under the assistance of the German social democracy, who led the raid against the Balkans and suppressed there the working peasantry, who went to Turkey and suppressed the working people there, who commonly proclaimed in the headquarters during the common conference of the former government, under the attendance of Hindenburg, to use Ukraine as deployment zone against Soviet Russia. These imperialist war politicians, who try even today, during the president election, to mobilize the working people for the enslavement, for new wars.

Hindenburg is the program of the imperialist war! Hindenburg was the one, who gave out the decree, in which it is said, that those soldiers, who are not willed to carry in service of Krupp and company their bones to the battle fields, that they have to be tied up. Now, the German workers will response in this president election, who should be tied up!


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