Lev Vygotsky

The Psychology of Art

artwork Written: 1925;
Source: Psikologiia Iskusstva;
Publisher: MIT Press, 1971;
Translated: Scripta Technica Inc.;
Transcribed: Nate Schmolze.

Table of Contents:


I. On the Methodology of the Problem
Chapter 1 - On The Methodology of Art

II. Critique
Chapter 2 - Art as Perception
Chapter 3 - Art as Technique
Chapter 4 - Art as Psychoanalysis

III. Analysis of the Aesthetic Reaction
Chapter 5 - Analysis of the Fable
Chapter 6 - The Subtle Poison, a Synthesis
Chapter 7 - Bunin's “Gentle Breath”
Chapter 8 - The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

IV. The Psychology of Art
Chapter 9 - Art as a Cartharsis
Chapter 10 - The Psychology of Art
Chapter 11 - Art and Life.