Lev Vygotsky

The Vygotsky Reader

First Published: 1994 by Blackwell;
Source: Leiden University;
Edited by: Renée van de Veer and Jaan Valsiner;
Translated: by Renée van de Veer and Theresa Prout.

Table of Contents

    Front Matter         1.5Mb
    Introduction,         3.7Mb
1. Introduction to Freud's Byond the Pleasure Principle, by Vygotsky and Luria     3.8Mb
2. Principles of Social Education for deaf-dumb children, by Lev Vygotsky     3.8Mb
3. Methods of Reflexological and Psychological investigation, by Lev Vygotsky     8.8Mb
4. The problem of cultural behaviour of the child, by Alexander Luria     4.8Mb
5. The problem of cultural development of the child, by Lev Vygotsky     7.2Mb
6. Methods for Investigating concepts, by Leonid Sakharov     36Mb
7. Tool and Symbol in Child Development, by Vygotsky and Luria     1.5Mb
8. The Socialist Alteration of Man, by Lev Vygotsky    4.6Mb
9. The Development of Thinking and concept formation in adolescence, by Lev Vygotsky   38Mb
10. Imagination and creativity in Adolescence, by Lev Vygotsky     10.4Mb
11. The Development of Voluntary Attention in the Child, by Alexei Leontyev     10.4Mb
12. Thought in Schizophrenia, by Lev Vygotsky     6.3Mb
13. Fascism in Psychoneurology, by Lev Vygotsky     4.9Mb
14. The Problem of the Environment (HTML), by Lev Vygotsky
15. The Development of Academic Concepts in School Aged Children, by Lev Vygotsky     7.2Mb
17. Name and Subject Indexes,         2.6Mb