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Wang Fanxi (Wang Fan-hsi, 王凡西) joined the CCP, then an illegal organisation, in 1925. In 1927, was sent to Moscow to study at the Communist University of the Toilers of the East, where he became a supporter of Trotsky and the International Left Opposition. On his return to China, Wang worked for the Communist Party and became a leading member of the Trotskyist October Group, and then the Chinese Left Opposition. He was jailed for most of the period from 1931 and 1937, and was expelled from the CCP for his views.  He left mainland China for Hong Kong in 1949, and thence to Macao. In 1975, he was forced to move again, and settled in Leeds, England.




1948: Problems of Chinese Trotskyism

1988: Foreword to Chen Duxiu's Last Articles and Letters 1937-1942