Marxist Writers: David Widgery


David Widgery

David Widgery

1947 – 1992


Chris Harman: Dave Widgery – Carrying the spirit of revolt, 7 November 1992

Bob Light: David Widgery – The Human face of revolution, November 1992


Foreign Office blocks anti-Nazi show, September 1968

The Kerouac Connection, 1969

Sectarianism, January 1969 (letter)

The politics of pornography, 24 July 1971 (writing as Gerry Dawson)

Underground Press, February 1972

The Streets are Our Palettes: A Tribute to Vladimir Mayakovsky, July 1972

Apple to the Core, June 1973 (review)

Abortion: The pioneers, July 1975

Socialist Theatre, January 1976 (review)

The Tamarisk Tree, February 1976 (review)

Under Capricorn, September 1976 (review article)

Defending Abortion Rights, February 1977 (letter)

What’s Happening to the Health Service, June 1977 (writing as Gerry Dawson)

Revolutionary Optimism, October 1977 (review article)

The Left in Britain: A Reply, 1977

‘Poetry is made by all ... not by one’, April 1978 (book review)

Ten years for Pandora, May 1978

Look get it straight, July 1978 (letter with Ruth Gregory, Syd Shelton & Roger Huddle)

The Battle of Bethnal Green, September 1978 (writing as Gerry Dawson)

Letter from Britain: Carnival Against the Nazis, September 1978 (letter)

Post-Electronic Leninism, March 1979 (review article)

Sylvia Pankhurst: Pioneer of Working Class Feminism, May 1979

Goodbye Comrade M, September 1979 (obituary of Herbert Marcuse)

A Meeting with Comrade James, June 1980

Foreword to The Joke Works, 1981

Billie and Bessie, 1984

Lennonism, 1985

Howling to the Beat, November 1985 (appreciation of Allan Ginsberg)

AIDS and the New Puritanism, July 1986

Sex and Socialism, 1987 (transcript of talk)

The Great Divide, June 1987

Beating Time – a reply to Ian Birchall, Summer 1987

Crises in the NHS, February 1988 (interview)

Too Much Monkey Business, February 1988

Wrong on Radicals, February 1988 (letter)

Monumental Folly, June 1992

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