Pavel Yudin 1942

Who are the National Socialists?

Author: Pavel Yudin;
Year: 1942;
First Published: as Кто такие национал-социалисты? (in Russian), Gospolitizdat, Sverdlovsk, 1942;
Translated: by Anton P.


German fascists call themselves the National Socialist Workers’ Party of Germany. Under this name the Hitlerites disguise their predatory policy. Comrade Stalin exposed this party by showing what policy it is pursuing. In his report on November 6, 1941, Comrade Stalin said that the National Socialists are not nationalists, not socialists, but a party of imperialist invaders, a reactionary and Black Hundred party that has enslaved not only the German people, but also many peoples of Europe. The whole essence of this party consists in the systematic preparation of the unlimited domination of the most unbridled imperialist circles of the German bourgeoisie. Hitler’s party has always been hostile to the interests of the German working class, the German people, this party has always been the most notorious, bitter enemy of socialism.


The German fascist party emerged in 1919. The peculiarity of the situation at that time was characterized by the fact that Germany was experiencing all the consequences of its defeat in the war of 1914-1918, enshrined in the Treaty of Versailles. After the Treaty, revanchist sentiments were very strong in Germany. These sentiments were especially strong among the big bourgeoisie, for which defeat in the war was at the same time a failure of its imperialist intentions.

The war and the defeat of the German army caused indignation among the German people against the government of Kaiser Wilhelm II. The people’s revolution swept away the imperial Wilhelmian regime. However, thanks to the betrayal of the Social Democrats, the German revolution of 1918 was defeated. Having lost the war of 1914-1918 to the Entente, the German bourgeoisie managed to win the war against the German people on the streets of Berlin, Munich and other cities. The counter-revolution prevailed. As always in such cases, the ruling classes strike terrible blows on the heads of the working people. The bourgeoisie staged a brutal reprisal against the revolutionary workers. Particularly counter-revolution began to rage in Bavaria, destroying everyone who was in one way or another involved in the Bavarian Soviet Republic.

Thus, in Germany in 1919-1920 an extremely peculiar situation was created. Having suppressed the revolution, the imperialist bourgeoisie was at the same time interested in gathering forces for revenge, for a new war, in order to destroy the unjust system of the Versailles treaty. To this end, the imperialist circles of the bourgeoisie began to plant all kinds of paramilitary organizations. One specific feature of these bourgeois organizations deserves attention: they all tried to be called “workers” or “people’s” organizations. This was done in order, on the one hand, to divert the attention of the people from the true culprits of the war and military catastrophe in Germany, and on the other, to win wide circles of the people over to their side and engage in intensive preparation of human material for a new war.

Secret organizations began to emerge in Germany at that time: the Free Committee for the Struggle for the German Workers’ World, the Free Workers’ Committee for the Struggle for a Just Peace, the Union for the People’s Offensive and Defense, the People’s Union of Struggle, the Union of Struggle for the Destruction of Interest Slavery, etc. Along with the civil ones, paramilitary organizations were created from the former officers and soldiers, all kinds of “defense squads,” the Viking Union, the Organization Consul, etc. Among other organizations that called themselves workers’, a circle, founded by the anti-Semite Anton Drexler, arose in Munich, the German Workers’ Party. Most of the organizations with the names workers’ and people’s were created by the secret police, the rest were under the strict supervision of this police through agents sent there to infiltrate them. The head of the political department of the Munich secret police, German Lieutenant Colonel Ernst Röhm, sent undercover secret agent Adolf Hitler to the circle called the German Workers’ Party so that Hitler, a spy, would keep an eye on the party. To this end, Hitler joined this circle, which consisted of only six members. Hitler was accepted as the seventh member of the German Workers’ Party. Secret police agent Adolf Hitler reported to his superiors that the German Workers’ Party is not dangerous at all, moreover, it is of a certain interest to the police and may become quite suitable for fighting actual workers’ revolutionary organizations.

At the same time, unemployed officers and police officials began to be recruited into this party. In the same year 1919, the head of the political department of the Munich secret police, Ernst Röhm, joined this party. The historian of German fascism Konrad Heiden writes in his History of National Socialism: “Röhm was about the sixtieth member of the German Workers’ Party” and gradually involved many of his friends from the Reichswehr – officers and soldiers ... Until 1923, the backbone of the movement was almost exclusively the soldiers of the Reichswehr and the police.” In April 1920, the first congress of the fascist party took place in one of the Munich pubs. At this congress the name “National Socialist German Workers’ Party” was adopted. In the same pub, the program of the fascist party was adopted.

This program, consisting of 25 points, was filled with demagogic slogans, where, along with demands for the abolition of Versailles, there were slogans calling for the abolition of “interest slavery” and for the fight against Jews, allegedly guilty of all the difficulties experienced by Germany in the field of domestic and foreign policy. However, even then it became obvious that this party went beyond the demands for the abolition of the Versailles Peace. The third point of the program says: “We demand territory and land (colonies) to feed our people and to accommodate our surplus population.” Thus, the imperialist character of the German fascist party began to take shape as early as 1920.

Neither in the first years of its existence, nor after the seizure of power by the Hitlerite party, did this party have anything to do with socialism. This was understood by the organizers of this party, and first of all by Hitler. Back in 1922 and 1923. Hitler repeatedly spoke out and explained that socialism, from his point of view, means any strengthening of private property. The names “national,” “workers,” “socialist” – all this is just a disguise necessary to get into the confidence of the masses, since the ideas of the revolutionary role of the working class and the ideas of socialism were especially popular among the German people in those years. Anyone who then wanted to win over the masses to their side could not do this without disguised as a “socialist.” So did the fascists, these bourgeois police “socialists.”


From the first days of its existence, the Hitlerite party began to grow very rapidly in numbers. This was due to two very significant circumstances. First, the fact that from the very first steps, as they say from the cradle, this party was created and operated under the direct leadership and under the tutelage of the German police. With good reason, this party can be called a police party. And the police really did their best to help it. On the side of this party was the entire police apparatus, first in Bavaria, and then throughout Germany. Secondly, the Hitlerite party has always had enormous funds at its disposal. From the first years of its existence, the Hitlerite party has been supported by funds generously provided to it by the German imperialist bankers and large industrialists. The closest connection was established between the fascist party and the most reactionary circles of the German imperialist bourgeoisie.

The fascist party was one of the first to be financed by the largest industrialist in Germany, Hugo Stinnes. In the period from 1924 to 1927, the Hitlerite party was already supported by a number of major concerns and banks. At that time, the party was financed by the metal industrialist Ernst Borsig, the manufacturer Edwin Bechstein and the head of the Deutsche Bank Emil Kirdorf and others. Starting from 1928, the aces of heavy industry, the Gelsenkirchen concern, the capital magnates Fritz Thyssen, Albert Vögler, the Krupps (Gustav and Alfred Krupp) and others, have been especially strenuously supplying the fascist party with money. Thus, the fascist German party, as they say, was nurtured from birth, nourished and raised by the German secret police and the German imperialists. This party was bought in the bud by the German imperialist bourgeoisie. The whole gang, all these “Führers” and Führerlings, starting with Hitler himself, are people who sold themselves entirely to the imperialists, their faithful dogs and obedient servants unquestioningly fulfilling the will of their masters – the largest bankers, industrialists and landowners of Germany. These “masters” dreamed of military revenge, dreamed of the seizure and plunder of all countries.

The fact that the Hitlerite party is the party of the largest imperialist predators and the worst enemies of socialism is quite eloquently told by the capitalists themselves. The well-known tycoon of German predatory capital, the owner of the largest metallurgical concern in the Ruhr, Thyssen, says in his letter published in America to the New York Times on June 9, 1940, “For several years, during which I had the opportunity to observe the Hitler regime as a state adviser and industrial leader, I realized with increasing clarity what a grave mistake I made in the summer of 1932 when, together with Krupp, Kirdorf, Schroeder and others who subsidized the National Socialist Party, I took upon myself, so to speak, the guaranteed responsibility for Hitler’s good behavior towards Germany and the whole world and helped him to come to power.” The “socialist” Hitler, along with his entire party, were bought by Thyssen, Krupp, Kirdorf, Schroeder and others. And Thyssen speaks about this with all frankness in the above letter.

In 1932, Hitler spoke at the Industrialists’ Club in Düsseldorf in front of the Ruhr capitalists’ meeting. Before his masters, Hitler spoke frankly, without the usual hysteria of antics and playing at socialism. This is what he told them then: “You, gentlemen, stand on the point of view that the German national economy can be restored exclusively on the basis of private property. But you can only keep the idea of private property if it is logically justified. This idea must be morally grounded. It is necessary to prove to the masses that private property is inherent in the very nature of things. It would be wrong to conclude that we National Socialists are against capitalism. On the contrary, if we were not there, there would be no bourgeoisie in Germany.” Needless to say, Hitler was frank with his masters. And here he is, indeed, right. The Nazis are not against capitalism. They are the real servants of the imperialists. But why do they still call themselves socialists? Hitler gave an answer to this question to his imperialist masters as well. They are called socialists in order to be able to deceive the people. “Do not deprive people of hope,” Hitler said at the same meeting, “for a better future. On the contrary, inflate it. After all, the garrison of the besieged fortress fights only as long as he hopes that he will receive help from somewhere.

At one time, one of Hitler’s associates, Otto Strasser, asked Hitler: “If you got power in Germany tomorrow, what would you do the day after tomorrow, for example, with the joint-stock company Krupp? Would you leave the current position of shareholders and workers unchanged in terms of ownership, profits and management?” Hitler replied: “It goes without saying. Do you really consider me such a madman that I began to destroy the economy? .. The word socialism in itself is unfortunate, in any case it does not mean that these enterprises should be socialized.” Such is the program of the fascist party, such is the essence of its “socialism.” The Nazis are the party of the largest financial oligarchy and the largest industrial aces in Germany. Moreover, what is especially important to bear in mind is that this is the party of the imperialist bourgeoisie striving to seize the capital of the whole world. “The party of the Nazis is the party of the imperialists, and the most predatory and predatory imperialists among all the imperialists in the world,” said Comrade Stalin in his report on the 24th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. The Nazis are not socialists, but imperialists. These are the worst enemies of socialism.

Socialism, as we know, presupposes public ownership of the means of production. Under socialism, the exploitation of man by man is abolished. Of course, the Nazis have nothing of the kind. The coming of the Nazis to power and their domination for 8 years in Germany showed the whole world that these “socialists,” like no one before them, ensured the growth of profits for Krupp and Borsig. Suffice it to point out that during the years of fascist domination in Germany, the largest joint-stock companies grew unusually quickly. So, for example, in 1937 in Germany there were 6 supergiant concerns with a capital of over 100 million marks, in 1939 there were already 9 such concerns. Some joint-stock companies (Harpener Bergbau, Siemens-Halske, etc.) doubled and tripled their capital during the years of the domination of the fascists. Only in 1939, the profits of the joint-stock mining company Hibernia AG increased by a fabulous figure – 100 million marks. The German Chemical Trust (IG Farbenindustrie) made a net profit in 1939 of about 60 million marks. This is what Hitler’s “socialism” is! This is the “socialism” of the monopoly tycoons, the largest capitalists in the world.

The fascist leaders themselves stole huge sums of money. It is widely known that the Hermann Goering company has a capital of 800 million marks. This is quite eloquent evidence of the monstrous, predatory fever of enrichment that the “socialists” Hitler, Goering, Goebbels and Co. are gripping. This is what Hitler’s “socialism” looks like in industry. The same kind of “socialism” is carried out by the fascists in agriculture. After the fascists came to power, the old landowners’ farms began to gain strength and new landowners’ estates began to emerge. A former associate of Hitler, Hermann Rauschning, who fled from Hitler, says that he once asked Hitler: “But what about those points of the program that relate to agrarian reform, the destruction of wage labor and the nationalization of banks?” Hitler replied: “Do I really have to explain to you the meaning of this program? Are you so primitive that you take it literally and do not see that this is only a decoration for our performance? In this program, established for the masses, I will never change anything ... To nourish the hopes of the masses, it is necessary to establish some visible stages.” Thus, Hitler once again declared that the program and all sorts of talk about socialism are all the decoration of a spectacle played out by the imperialists in order to deceive the masses. Hitler’s Minister of Agriculture Darre in the first days after the Nazis came to power said: “I will not touch a single estate, no matter how large it may be (and I know that I say this in full agreement with the Reich Chancellor’s opinion) ... I also will not allow the violation of the property rights of the pledged large land holdings.” Indeed, the Nazis kept their promise. Not only did they not touch a single estate, but the number of landowners was increased: the leaders of fascism themselves became large landowners.


One of the most important principles of socialism is the democratic organization of the state and the entire system of political life. Our Soviet state is a shining example of how socialism ensures the flourishing of democratic freedoms. With the introduction of the Stalinist Constitution, the USSR became the country of the most complete democracy in the world. Our people decide their own destinies, they themselves manage state and public affairs.

The Nazis are the most sworn enemies of all democracy. Fascism is the strangler of democracy. All progressive mankind believes that the democratic system of society is historical progress. The peoples of the world have with the greatest difficulty conquered democratic institutions against the reactionary forces of all times. Democracy always expresses, to a greater or lesser extent, the fact that the people themselves dispose of their own destiny in the way that is most beneficial to them. Despotism, autocracy, the domination of a small group that seized power means that the people are deprived of the opportunity to decide their own destinies. And if autocracy and despotism in past centuries could be justified by peculiar historical conditions, the general backwardness of production, political life and culture, then in the 20th century the despotic system of the state has outlived its usefulness all over the world and is an anachronism, a relic of antiquity and savagery.

The Hitlerite party set itself the goal of returning all of humanity to the times of autocracy and despotism. This goal in itself speaks of Hitlerism as a deadly black reaction and savagery. The Nazis have erected the destruction of democracy as a principle of their worldview. Hitler said: “The outlook that rejects the democratic principle of the masses and sets itself the task of giving power over the whole world into the hands of the best of nations, that is, into the hands of the best people, should logically apply the same aristocratic principle within the given nation itself. And this means that such a worldview does not build everything on the principle of the majority; but on the role of the individual ... The entire organization of society should be an embodied desire to place the individual over the mass, that is, to subordinate the mass to the individual.

The history of all states where despotism existed testifies to the terrible arbitrariness and outrage of despots over the people. The system of despotism is always associated with the rule of the whip and the gallows. This system is built on the plunder of the people and complete lawlessness. In such states, officially recognized corruption and bribery of government officials always reign. An example of this is the old autocratic system in any country before the revolution in Russia, France, China, Japan. The Hitlerite Party set itself the goal of destroying democracy and planting the despotism of the German fascists everywhere. German fascists defeated democratic institutions in Germany. Terror unprecedented in history has been introduced in the country, and the oppression and persecution of everything progressive, honest, the expulsion of everything that comes from the people, that is beneficial to the people, has been elevated to the official worldview of the state.

The world has not yet known such a monstrously inhuman, brutal organization as the German Gestapo. In Germany, in fact, there exists the unlimited despotic power of the monster and cannibal Hitler. Hitler picks up any political rabble as his henchmen: inveterate thugs, criminals devoid of any moral foundations. Imagining himself as a genius, Hitler said: “Relying on every rabble, the political genius builds the splendor of his domination.” This “shine” of the domination of the Nazis, their jackal gloss means for the German people the destruction of millions of people in dungeons and on the battlefields, the deprivation of the people of all, even basic, political rights, an unbounded mockery and desecration of everything related to democracy, erected into law. to progress, to culture. Black Hundred pogroms, medieval torture and the complete lack of rights of the masses — this is what Hitler’s state system is. “The Hitlerite party is a party of enemies of democratic freedoms, a party of medieval reaction and Black Hundred pogroms,” said Comrade Stalin in his report on November 6, 1941.

The savagery and fanaticism perpetrated by the Nazis in Germany itself cannot be compared with what they are doing in the conquered and occupied countries. The Hitlerite Party is the enemy of national independence and state independence of peoples. From the point of view of this party, the state independence of all the peoples of the world must be destroyed, all states must be subordinated to Germany. Hitler said that Germany would be in the center of the world, and around it a kind of “federation” of subordinate sub-vassal states would be created. It will be “an alliance of minor nations that do not have an army, do not pursue their own policies, do not have their own economy — that is what this federation will be.” And one more revelation of Hitler: “Only the German people will be a people of warriors; the rest of the nations will be helots working for the caste of Teutonic warriors ... There will no longer be five, six or eight great powers in Europe: there will be one omnipotent Germany.” About America, Hitler said that “the United States will be forced to surrender completely.

With the aim of Germany’s enslavement of the whole world, the Nazis began to implement this program in European countries. In the defeated countries, the Germans are establishing above all the unlimited rule of the German military. The state independence of the defeated country is completely eliminated. This is what the German fascists did to Czechoslovakia, Poland, Belgium, Holland, France and a number of other countries. Everything democratic, popular, national has been destroyed, all public and state bodies are becoming Germanized. Instead of democratic orders, the most ferocious police-despotic regime has been introduced everywhere. In the occupied Soviet regions, everything that is popular, everything free and democratic is being rooted out with unprecedented cruelty. The atrocities and bestialities committed by the fascists in our regions surpass everything that they have done and are doing in other countries, where the foot of the bestial Hitlerites set foot.

The Hitlerite Party is the party of the most bitter enemies of freedom and democracy, a party that aims to eradicate and uproot democratic freedoms throughout the world, in all countries.


The German fascist party is the party of the enemies of culture and human progress. Hatred of culture and the desire to destroy it is one of the important principles of the Nazi worldview. Hitler is the leader of all barbarians and enemies of human culture. The Nazi Party believes that culture, even in its simplest expression – the elementary literacy of a person – is unnecessary and harmful to the people. Hitler said that “once and for all we must put an end to what is called universal education. General education is a poison, the most dangerous and most corrupting that liberalism has found to destroy.” “... The lower the cultural level of the working class and the entire people, the more chances we have to retain power.” This is the programmatic position of the modern Huns, clad in armor of tanks and aircraft. To Hitler also belong the following words characterizing the attitude of the fascist party to culture: “We are barbarians, and we want to be barbarians. This is an honorary title ... The modern world is coming to an end. Our only task is to destroy this world ... Culture, civilization, humanity, etc. is an expression of a mixture of stupidity, cowardice and conceit. The people of science will never be able to storm the heavens, they are even unable to ensure our existence on this earth, especially since scientists have no will and they are only cowardly pacifists.

It is difficult for the modern educated world to imagine that in the twentieth century in Germany, in a country that more than once amazed the world with the rise of the human mind to the great heights of wisdom and nobility, such wild views are expressed and implemented. Only the last waste of humanity, people who have no idea of either culture or science, but who know only one passion – murder and destruction, can think and act like that. Hitler publicly declares that being ignorant is genuine human happiness. “I,” he says, “thank fate for depriving me of my scientific education. I can be free from many prejudices. I feel good. I judge everything dispassionately and coldly,” This is truly an obscurantist, who imagined that ignorance is the happiness of mankind. A bandit, returning from a bloody “case,” always considers himself a lucky person in life and the happiest person. But the psychology of an ordinary bandit, a lone bandit never reaches the dream of everyone becoming bandits. After all, then it will be “difficult” for him to “work.” And here the gangster hatred of culture, elevated to the state worldview, aims to make everyone ignorant and a bandit, in the appearance and likeness of the “Führer” himself.

Goering (so to speak, the first person after the “Führer”) declares: “I affirm that the one who thinks a lot, reads and considers himself especially clever, is the very greatest coward.” Another robber and enemy of culture, Ernst Bergmann, proclaims: “On the ruins of the world, the race that will be the strongest and will turn the entire cultural world into smoke and ashes will plant its victorious banner.” Well, of course, only the “race” of the Nazis can become such a race! Who else can dream of such “happy” times when the entire cultural world will be turned into smoke and ash?


The German fascists concretize their programmatic provisions in relation to the tasks of educating new generations and re-educating the entire population. They want to create the ideal, from their point of view, type of person. What would the world look like, what features of the moral character would be different for humanity, if Hitler’s insidious goal was realized: the enslavement of the whole world by Germany? The fascists themselves give an extremely accurate idea of this. The leader of all monsters, Hitler, said to Rauschning: “We will raise young people, before whom the world will shudder: young people are harsh, demanding and cruel. I want it so. I want her to be like ... young wild animals.

Needless to say, Hitler managed, in no small measure, to really raise wild animals from youth. Only people deprived of elementary moral foundations and descended to the level of wild beasts can commit those atrocities that moan dozens of countries and kill millions of people. The savagery and stupidity with which the German fascists paint themselves an ideal image of future people is striking in its limited, clumsy consistency. One of the members of the Hitlerite party defines the ways of upbringing and education of young generations as follows: “Upbringing should not follow the path of education, and education should not proceed in the form of assimilating knowledge ... The best way to National Socialism is universal lack of education, the equation of ignorance. Down with education, long live character training!” In the fascist monthly the same idea is formulated as follows: “The school class must be transferred to the sergeant major.

It would be possible to cite many statements of the fascist leaders about culture and education. Goethe once remarked that every nation has the right to have its own fools, but Germany has always abused this right. Indeed, Hitlerite Germany is especially abusing the right to have its own fools. But what do the statements of the fascists mean in comparison with their heinous deeds? They have already deprived tens of millions of people of the most elementary conditions of culture. They destroy and incinerate national cultures in all countries where their wild hordes come. The party of German fascists is the party of the enemies of culture, the party of the thugs of modern civilization. In the event of a victory of this fascist party, humanity is doomed to savagery and barbarism. Even now, the German fascists, as a result of their criminal activities, have thrown the peoples of Europe back many years from the achieved level of production and culture. If we admit the possibility that the Nazis will win, then this would mean the general destruction of modern culture and the extermination of all progressive people of the modern world. All the atrocities committed by the enemies of culture in the past pale before what the German fascist pogromists have already committed in the destruction of culture. All the power of modern technology and powerful modern industrial production is used by the German fascist barbarians to destroy modern culture. To prevent the destruction of culture means to intensify the struggle against Hitlerite Germany in every possible way.

Comrade Stalin said on November 6, 1941, that the German fascists are people who have lost their human appearance and have fallen to the level of wild beasts. The Hitlerite Party is a rabble of people, a gang for which there is nothing sacred in this world. These animals, in the form of a man, have neither honor nor pity. They are alien to the elementary concepts and ideas of people about decency and moral duty. The Nazis are characterized by boundless bloodthirstiness and inhuman cruelty. This is the party of the dregs of the human race. Murder, torture, rape of defenseless girls and women, debauchery, drunkenness, robbery, sadism — these are the “moral” distinctive qualities of the German fascists.

When it comes to the so-called ideology of the fascists, we have to say that this is the ideology of robbery and barbarism. It is difficult to find any semblance of “correspondence” between what the fascists do and how they explain their “deeds.” There is a lot of robbery, incredibly more than ideology. Nevertheless, the leaders of the robbers are trying to justify their robbery and invent something like an ideology. This “ideology” is the outlook of people without honor and conscience. Hitler says to his thugs: “I liberate a person from the humiliating chimera called conscience ... Conscience, like education, cripples a person.” Down with conscience, down with honor! Do whatever you like, none of the atrocious acts of the young men from the Hitlerite party are subject to moral condemnation, for conscience is nothing, honor does not exist. Putting together an army of criminals calling itself the National Socialist Party, Hitler, addressing the scum of society, said: “I need people with a strong fist who are not stopped by principles when it is necessary to kill someone. And if they ruin a watch or jewelry on occasion, I don’t give a damn about that.

What is the language of this “programmatic” position of the “Führer” worth! This is the language of a professional bandit, but not a leader of a political party or a head of state. Boasting that he has no scientific education, Hitler says about himself that he is alien to any moral considerations: “I have the advantage that I am not held back by any considerations of a theoretical or moral order.” This really is an advantage over all the bandits in the world. Psychologists-criminologists find a well-known ethic even among the most inveterate bandits. Professional bandits of the pre-Hitler formation did not consider it ethical to kill defenseless women, old people, children for nothing, for nothing. They considered this business obscene. Unless, as they say, “they will fall under the arm” – to remove unnecessary evidence, – they will kill a defenseless old man or a child. For bandits brought up by the Hitlerite party, the murder of a person, human blood is elevated to a cult. They completely discard all kinds of considerations of humanity and morality.

Humanism, culture, international law are empty words for us,” says Goebbels, known throughout the world as a rogue, swindler, embezzler, pimp and world liar. “Kill everyone who is against you, kill, kill, you are not responsible for this, but I, so kill!” – shouts the international executioner and murderer Goering. This is the so-called program of the Nazi Party. The program is terrible, wild, barbaric. But even more monstrous, bestial and disgusting are their deeds. The atrocities of the German fascists are incalculable. Having conquered Europe, having occupied a number of regions of our Motherland, the Nazis killed millions of people. In Germany alone, the Nazis executed more than a million people, and the same number were imprisoned. More than one hundred and fifty thousand committed suicide, more than half a million were expelled and fled from the country, fleeing the Nazis. The Germans lost more than seven million people during the entire war waged by the fascists in different countries. Thus, the German people lost at least ten million people. Ten million victims of fascism!

The fascist Hitlerite power in Germany is a bloody dictatorship. And the rulers of Germany — Hitler, Goering, Goebbels, Ribbentrop and others are bloody executioners, murderers, misanthropists and cannibals. In order to fully understand that the Hitlerite party is a party of monsters and cannibals, it is necessary to add to the victims that the German people suffered, the lives destroyed by the Nazis in other countries. In all countries (excluding Germany), the Germans executed about four million people. In the war with Germany, at least eight million people died (including Czechoslovakia, Austria, France, England, Greece, Romania, Poland. Norway, Belgium, Holland, Denmark and the USSR). In the countries enslaved by the fascists, more than two million people were imprisoned, at least two million fled from the countries the Nazis captured. The victims of the Hitlerite party in these countries are estimated at more than sixteen million people. All the victims add up to twenty-six million.

Twenty-six million lives sacrificed to the brown plague! But even these figures do not express all the torments and horrors that the fascists inflicted on the peoples of the world. The Germans completely robbed the peoples of Poland, Czechoslovakia, France, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Yugoslavia, Greece. They are robbing the Soviet people in the occupied regions. How many tens of millions of people they have condemned to hunger and poverty, how many millions of widows and orphans are left – all this cannot be counted or expressed in any words.

Hitler’s fascist party is the enemy of all mankind, the bloody enemy of all the peoples of the world. The existence of this cannibalistic party must end. If we do not put an end to this two-legged beast, it will bring many times more sacrifices and suffering to the whole world. The monstrous jackals of German imperialism, who imagined themselves to be the highest race, decided to conquer all countries, trample all states. The great democracies of the USSR, Great Britain and America united against Hitler’s Germany, which was carrying enslavement to the whole world. The united forces of the anti-Hitler coalition are superior to the forces of Germany, together with her “allies” and the occupied countries in all respects, in all decisive factors of economic power and military production. The Soviet Union and its army are fighting with unparalleled courage and self-sacrifice against the German fascist troops and the troops of Germany’s “allies.” In order to hasten the defeat of the enemies of all peoples and the thugs of culture – the German fascist hordes – even more active actions of all freedom-loving peoples of the world are needed.

In the gigantic battles of the Great Patriotic War, Soviet soldiers inflicted more and more serious blows on the German fascist robbers. The faces brightened, the people of the Land of the Soviets lit up with joy when the enemy received a crushing rebuff and began to roll away from Moscow bleeding to death. The moment is not far off when the Hitlerite fascist party, the party of the most predatory and aggressive imperialists among all the imperialists in the world, the party of enemies of democratic freedoms, the party of medieval reaction and Black Hundred pogroms, the party of enemies of human culture and progress, the party of hatred, of people deprived of honor and conscience, people with the morality of animals – will be completely destroyed, and together with it the whole of Hitlerite Germany will be destroyed. Then the peoples of the enslaved countries will breathe freely, throwing off the yoke of Hitler’s tyranny, and heal the severe wounds inflicted on them by fascist despotism. In this great and just war of liberation, the foremost and most honorable place belongs to the Soviet people, to the great Red Army.