Gregory Zinoviev


Speech to the Petrograd Soviet by Gregory Zinoviev Celebrating Lenin’s Recovery from Wounds Received in the Attempt Made on his Life on August 30, 1918

Written: 1918
Source: Pamphlet (1966)
First Published: Fourth International, January, 1945
Translated: John G. Wright
Online Version: Zinoviev Internet Archive, 2002
Transcription and Markup: Roland Ferguson

cover of the pamphlet


Lenin's Legal Career

First Great Working Class Leader

Lenin Opened a New Path

A Truly Scientific Work

The Fight Against Struve

'What Is To Be Done'

A Prophetic Gift

Plekhanov and Lenin

Bebel and the Bolsheviks

The Moscow Insurrection

Years of Counter-Revolution

The Period of Emigration

The Moscow Insurrection

The Metal Workers Meeting

European Social Democracy Stagnant

Swiss Social Democracy

The July Days

Clearness, Precision, Correctness