History of the Labour Movement
by Ted Tripp and Chris Gaffney, read by Chris Gaffney on 3CR, 1986

Volume One.

Lecture 1. The Birth of Capitalism.

Symphony No. 5, Beethoven, etxtract.

Lecture 2. The French Revolution.

La Marsellaise.

Lecture 3. The 1848 Revolution and Socialism.

Volume Two.

Lecture 4. The First International.

L'International Eugéne Pottier.

Lecture 5. The Paris Commune 1871.

War Dance.

Lecture 6. Reform or Revolution? Luxemberg v Bernstein.

Volume Three.

Pomp and Circumstance, march.

Lecture 7. Imperialism - the British Empire

Pomp and Circumstance, march.

The Ballad of 1891.

Lecture 8. Origins of the Labor Party in Australia.

Dires Irae.

Lecture 9, What is Fascism?.

Volume Four.

Boris Godunov, Mussorgsky, etxtract.

Lecture 10. The 1905 Revolution in Britain.

The Red Flag.

Lecture 11 (part one) - Defence of the Revolution

Pictures at an Exhibitio, Mussorgsky, etxtract.

Music, etxtract.

Volume Five.

Lecture 11 (part two) - Defence of the Revolution.

Romeo and Juliet, Prokofiev, etxtract.

Lecture 12 - From Lenin to Stalin - Rise of the Bureaucracy.