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The four pictures on these two pages were given to Mr.Alexander H.Buchman,publisher of The Living Age,by Kuomintang officials in Ningtu,Kiangsi Province,early in 1935.In view of the present political situation in China,these pictures possess more than a historical interest.The top photo is of a memorial piaque.A translation of the inscription follows:



“Comrade Chao Pu-shen was the leader of the Ningtu revolt,was one of the responsible Comrades who led and created the Fifth Red Army and made it an Iron Army.On the first anniversary of the Ningtu insurrection,the Central Soviet Government of China gave Comrade Chao the Order of the Red Flag.As far back as the great revolution,Comrade Pu-shen had already been infiuenced by the Communist Party and was under its political leadership.Althougn he accepted many high posts in the White Army,for example,Chief-of-Staff to the Regiment,and later Regiment Commander,he was still very poor.He hated the betrayal of the Kuomintang and deter lined to fight for the emancipation of the workers and peasants.He always told the psople that'…am ready to die every day…If I have but one day to live,I will devote it to the Chinese workers and peasants…'In 1930 the militarists Feng Yu-hsiang,Yen Hsi-shan,and Chiang Kai-shek fought aimlessly.Comrade Chao then was in Shensi.He led one part of the Special Service Regiment,attempting to go south toward Hanchung where he desired to make a revolution,but failed.Later he searched for the Communist Party twice.In July 1931 he entered the Communist Party in Yih Huang and under the leadership of the Party,he boldly led the troops of the 26th Route Army,about 20,000 men,completed the great and glorious Ningtu Revolt,and splendidly raised aloft the Red Banner of the Soviets.After the Fifth Red Army was created,Comrade Pu-shen became its Commander and later became the Commander of the 14th and 13th Red Armies.Still later,he became Vice-Commander-in-Chief of the Fifth Red Army Group and concurrently Chief of Staff.On January 8,1933 our First Route Army engaged the main forces of the enemy between Kinchi and Nancheng.We defeated the 29th,40th,and 14th White Divisions and decimated half of the men.The Fifth Army was our left flank,and engaged the enemy,three times more powerful,in Chuan Yuan Miao.Comrade Pu-Shen personally led the attack,beginning from 7 a.m. and ending at 4 p.m. The distance between our men and the enemy was only 100 meters.A stray bullet hit Comrade Pu-shen in the right forehead,and he sacrificed his life in great triumph.The Central Government of the Chinese Soviets,in order to remember Comrade Chao,issued an order to change thie name of Ningtu into the Pushen District. Remember forever that Comrade Pushen died for the Soviet Government and for the emancipation of the workers and peasants.He died under the fire of imperialism and its lackey,the Kuomintang. Although Comrade Pu-shen is dead,his glorious sacrifice will forever remain engraved in the minds of millions of workers and peasants!" The second photo is also a memorial plaque. It reads:“Worker and peasant masses of the whole world! Remember forever that this is all that re mains of the blood of revolutionary martvrs!Chu Teh."



This inscription was written by Chu Teh.The first two lines are smeared with the blood mentioned in the inscription.


The top photo on the second page is a Red Army Martyrs Memorial Pavilion.


The last photo,of skulls,was given to Mr.Buchman by an official who stated:“These skulls are all victims of the Red terror in Kiangsi.”


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