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Henry Noel Brailsford


“The greatest of all the gains of the Revolution, which affects peasants and workers, Russians and non-Russians alike, is the change of status and the widening of opportunity which have come to the immense working majority of the population. It means for every man and woman who possesses any energy of mind or ambition, that he or she may ‘rise’, as nineteenth century individualists would have put it, to any position, however exalted, in the State or in industry” [Brailsford, Perspectives]



How the Soviets Work, 1920-1927
Preface to Trotsky's Terrorism and Communism, 1920
Introduction to the British edition of Trotsky's Where Is Britain Going?, 1925
Rebel India, 1931
Foreword to J. T. Murphy's Modern Trade Unionism, 1935
Democracy for India, 1939
Subject India, 1943



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