The Woman Voter, December 11, 1912

Women’s Political Association (Non-Party)

Source: "Reason in Revolt", Source documents of Australian Radicalism;
First Published: by the Women’s Political Association (Non-Party), Arlington Chambers, 229 Collins Street, Melbourne, over the name of Vida Goldstein as “The Woman Voter,” December 11, 1912;
Transcribed: by Andy Blunden; Proofed: and corrected by Nicole McKenzie.

Office: Arlington Chambers, 229 Collins Street, Telephone: Central 8013.
President: Miss Vida Goldstein, Vice-Presidents: Miss Lavender, M.A., Mrs. Paling. Hon. Sec.: Miss Hilda Moody, Hon. Asst. Sec.: Miss Rufka Brown. Hon. Treas.: Miss Doris Kerr.
Subscription: 2/- per annum. Men are eligible as Members. W.P.A. Club Subscription: & 1 1/- per annum, payable, if preferred, half-yearly or quarterly. Country Club Members: 7/6 per annum. “The Woman Voter”: 2/6 per annum; other countries, 3/- and 3/6. The Club Tea Room is open to non-members from 11:30am to 6:30pm.

Why do we sell our paper, The Woman Voter, in the streets? Because the W.P.A., being a non-party organisation, naturally gets no help for its important work in the party press, and it is difficult to carry on our work effectively without the help of the press. Therefore, we have to come to the street corner and tell you, through The Woman Voter, what we are trying to do, as voters, for our country.

Why do we sell the suffragette papers, “Votes for Women” and “The Suffragette"? Because the suffragettes are fighting, not only for the freedom of English-women – they are fighting for the freedom of women, and consequently of men, all over the world; and it is necessary that our people, who never had to make a single personal sacrifice to win political freedom, should know the truth about the greatest human movement the world has seen. Read these papers regularly, and you will understand what a privilege we give you in giving you the opportunity of getting to know the real New Woman, the suffragette.


We of the W.P.A. are working for the same ends as the suffragette. for the freedom of women and children and men from legal and industrial slavery, for an exalted manhood, womanhood, childhood, for higher political ideals and practices. We did not ask for the vote for the purpose of duplicating a party vote. We asked for it that we might bring a new element into politics, the element of the Home. The Home would never be the centre of light it is if it were run on party lines, and the State can never be the larger Home it should be as long as it is run on party lines.

What are you doing individually, as a voter, for women and children? Are you working in a party organisation? If so can you assure yourself that your party is putting forth its fully strength on behalf of women and children and the home? Read our platforms. Not one of the pressing reforms mentioned there is a question of party politics. Ninety-nine men out of a hundred – no matter what political party they belong to – are in favour of them. Do you not think if women were united we should get these reforms much more speedily than we shall get them as long as women are split up in party groups? Unity is strength. Come and join us.


Each of you who comes forward to buy our paper proves that you are one of the ninety-nine just men we have referred to. You believe in these reforms that are dear to us, so please help us by contributing to our funds, and urging your women folk to free themselves from the shackles of indifference, or party politics, and join us in putting forth our full strength on behalf of women and children and the oppressed everywhere.


1. Equal Federal Marriage and Divorce Law.
2. Retention of a Married Woman’s Nationality and Political Status throughout the Empire.
3. Equal Pay for Equal Work.
4. Equal Parental Rights.
5. Raising Age of Consent for Boys and Girls to 21.
6. Equal Rights in the Disposition of Property.
7. Equality in Measures for the Suppression of Vice.
8. Unadulterated Food, Clothing and Link Supply.
9. Fair Rents.
10. Protection of Neglected, Delinquent and Wage-earning Children.
11. Eligibility of Women for all Commonwealth, State, or Municipal Positions.
12. Complete Civil and Legal Equality of Men and Women.
13. Elective Ministries and Abolition of Party Government.
14. Proportional Representation.
15. Reform in Liquor Traffic.
16. Cessation of Borrowing, except for Reproductive Works.
17. International Woman Suffrage.
18. International Peace and Arbitration.

Kooyong Election
Miss Vida Goldstein’s Candidature

It is essential that women should be returned to the Commonwealth Parliament, for which their eligibility is beyond question. The interests of women are affected by every measure brought before Parliament, but only the men’s point of view finds direct expression therein.

Every man and woman, in any part of the Metropolitan area, who wishes to see Miss Goldstein returned as the Member for Kooyong, is asked to give some help in the campaign. As speakers at public meetings, home meetings, open-air meetings, as organisers, canvassers, paper sellers, assistants in the office, there is work of some kind waiting for every sympathiser.

Let us have your name and address at once.

229 Collins Street.
S. Hooper, Doris Hordern, Secretaries.