Australian History, 1936.

Victorian Labor College Syllabus, 1936.

by the Victorian Labor College.

Source: "Reason in Revolt", Source documents of Australian Radicalism.
Published: by Industrial Print, Carlton, 1936.
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Three Study Classes on

::  MONEY  ::

will be conducted by A. T. Brodney
at the Trades Hall, Victoria Street
at 8 p.m.


1. WHAT IS MONEY? — Thursday, 3rd December, 1936.

1. How the need for money arises; valuing and exchanging.
2. How money performs these functions.
3. The forms which money takes.
4. The relation of money to society.

2. DOUGLAS VIEWS ON MONEY? — Thursday, 10th Dec.

1. History of the Douglas Ideas.
2. His theory of money and credit.
3. Their importance.

3. MONEY AND SOCIAL REFORM — Thursday, 17th Dec.

1. What is social reform?
2. The functions of money and their use for social reform.
3. Social and political aspects of monetary reforms.
4. Summary and conclusions.



The above classes will be additional to the existing class on
Economics on Tuesday evenings.

The classes will not take the form of lectures, but each point will
be open for discussion as it is made.

Information regarding the College can be obtained free from
G.R. Roberts, Secretary, Box 39, Trades Hall.

Industrial Print, 24 Victoria St, Carlton, N3