Comintern Archive: Australia


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Source Documents of Australian Radicalism

What They are After (cartoon), Brisbane, March 1891. 268K
Freedom on the Wallaby, Henry Lawson May 1891. 49K
Securing Free Labour at Broken Hill (cartoon), The Worker, Sept 3 1891. 246K
Unionism (cartoon), The Worker, February 27 1897. 60K
What is communism. Australian Radical, September 7, 188968K
The New Order, June 23, 1894268K
The kernel of things, J.A. Andrews, The New Order September 189467K
The Worker (Queensland) October 26, 1895215K
The Tocsin, October 2, 1897115K
The Webbs’ Australian diary, Beatrice Webb, 189895K
The Worker, Federating Australasian labour, August 1890282K
New Australia (arrangements for creditors), William Lane, May 20, 189531K
Australasian Knights of Labour, preamble, 1890-93124K
Australasian Knights of Labour, preamble, 1890-9322K
The coming of socialism affirmed, from The Materialist Conception of History, “Dogmatist”290K
The coming of socialism affirmed, from The Materialist Conception of History, “Dogmatist”28K
The Everard letters: the Wakefield Plan367K
Socialism in the light of right conduct and religion, Rev A Gosman, February 18913.2M
Socialism in the light of right conduct and religion, Rev A Gosman, February 1891182K
Hard Cash, Vol 2 No 4, Sydney, September 1893433K
Hard Cash, Vol 2, No 3, Sydney, 1893559K
Hard Cash, Vol 2, No 1, Sydney, July 10, 1893570K
Our Commonwealth, Vol 1, No 1, Adelaide, May 2, 18861.1M
The Pioneer, May 2, 1891, (p 7 only)146K
The Pioneer, May 2, 1891, Our program14K
The Pioneer, August 22, 1891154K
The Pioneer, August 22, 1891, Parliamentary echoes22K
The Pioneer, November 14, 1891131K
The Pioneer, November 2, 1891552K
The Pioneer, April 16, 1892128K
The Pioneer, April 16, 1892, The socialism that is not radical15K
The Pioneer, October 1, 1892135K
The Pioneer, December 24, 1892138K
The Pioneer, December 24, 1892, editorial (final issue)12K
The rights of labour and how to obtain them, A.W. Rayment, an address, 18912.3M
The rights of labour and how to obtain them, A.W. Rayment, an address, 1891 (transcript)154K
What socialism is. South Australian Fabian Society tract204K
What socialism is. South Australian Fabian Society tract (transcript)31K
Master and man, printed by the Hummer office, Wagga Wagga, NSW535K
A Labor Day demonstration. Open-air meeting to be held on the Yarra Bank65K
Australian Society of Women Voters constitution140K
Letter to “Barlow” (in Australia) from Ben Tillett in Kent, November 2, 1899295K
Bernard O’Dowd centenary souvenir, Melbourne Poetry Lovers Society, 1966130K
The Champion, May 23, 1896175K
The Materialist conception of history, author anonymous, introduction by R.S. Ross, January 19102.5M
Letter of resignation from the Socialist Party, sent to Harry H. Champion, president, August 8, 1907117K
Songs of the army of the night, and the mass of Christ, (revolutionary verse) Francis Adams, 19102.0M
J.W Roche, Socialist candidate election flyer, 191321K
The Minority Movement, Jim Higgins, International Socialism No 46, November 19701.1M
Labor Council of NSW appeal for funds for wives of coalminers imprisoned for striking, March 1910122K
Labour Day, its significance, and the life and times of E.J. Holloway, address by Bill Richardson, ACSPA federal secretary, 19791.1M
Letter from Senator Anthony James Joseph St Leger, to R.S. Ross, editor of The Socialist, August 5, 1909130K
From the martyrs to the masses, pages in the history of trade unionism, (chapter four) Lloyd Ross and Alex McLagan, 1934598K
Love, courtship and marriage, a lecture, Bessie Smyth (flyer) c189291K
Women’s Political Education League, president’s address, Rose Scott, November 9, 1904356K
Letter to the Daily Telegraph, Jessie Street, May 18, 1943148K
Equal rights for women, letter to Daily Telegraph, December 19, 1901, Rose Scott183K
Womanhood suffrage, report of a lecture by Rose Scott, July 13, 1892221K
Legislation affecting women and children, Rose Scott, lecture, 1904488K
The state and its woman employees, December 19, 1901142K
The Feminist Club, NSW, charter and rules, c1914224K
Speech by Miss Scott, public meeting, North Sydney, April 2, 1891190K
Women’s Political Educational League of NSW, Why women should vote, Rose Scott, flyer45K
Womanhood suffrage, report of a lecture by Rose Scott, 1900165K
Rothbury, the fiftieth anniversary, 1929-79. NSW Miners Federation, Northern District1.5M
The labour movement, its motives, aims and purposes, Rev William T. Brown, Rochester, New York153K
The trend of the ages and other verses, J.K. McDougall, Labor Call Print, 19221.0M
United Associations of Women, leaflet, c192980K
Letter to Federated Clerks Union re equal pay, Jessie Street, United Associations of Women, 1939166K
United Associations of Women. Women’s home groups, circular91K
Victorian Fabian Society songbook, Race Matthews, ed1.7M
Will you walk into my parlour? AWU railways branch leaflet opposing Stanley Bruce referendum249K
Women and children in distress. Appeal by the Womens and Childrens Wharf Labourers Relief Committee, Melbourne, July 21, 1919106K
To the women voters of South Australia52K
The Worker, seventieth anniversary souvenir5.6M
Thirty-point proposal for a new Australian constitution, Peter Consandine, Republican Party of Australia187K
Case for a referendum on the constitution, Australian Republican Movement, WA78K
Australian ethnicity and multiculturalism, Paul Urban, New Australian Republican Movement235K
Australianism: a new way of life through co-operation, A.J. Fisher c1954602K
Dawning of a republic, Brian Buckley, 1979299K
Australia for the Australians, The Bulletin, July 2, 1887283K
The coming revolution, The Bulletin, August 11, 1888232K
The case for Australia becoming a republic, Peter Consandine, Republican Party Australia & Paul Urban, New Australian Republican Party216K
Eureka, Nathan F. Spielvogel (poem)43K
1854-1954, The Eureka Stockade, R.D. Walshe712K
From state to free state, the meaning of republic in Western Europe and America from Jean Bodin to John Adams, William R. Everdell, 19872.0M
Henry Lawson festival, Grenfell, June 1959139K
Life Digest. Faith in Australia, Charles Stuart Taylor, Vol 9 No 1, April 1946250K
Manifesto of the Republican Party of Australia for the March 24, 1990, federal election537K
Models and options for the Australian republic, George Winterton213K
Philosophical statement, party platform and pledges of the Republican Party of Australia for the December 1, 1984, NSW Senate election482K
Republican Party foreword, Peter Consandine, March 9, 19911.0M
Republican Party of Australia Senate election leaflet, July 11, 198791K
Republican Party of Australia statement of objectives453K
Republican Party of Australia Senate election leaflet, July 11, 1987217K
Republican Party of Australia media releas, July 198758K
What will future Australians believe in? Dr C.E.W. Bean191K
What does patriotism mean? Professor G.V. Portus240K
How shall we develop Australia’s national spirit? Dr Lloyd Ross348K
Sovereignty and land rights, Kevin Tory, National Coalition of Aboriginal Organisations, c1985509K
The Republican, No 22, November 1991103K
The Republican, No 1, January 1987215K
Waratah or wattle? Ambrose Platt, Melbourne 1917 (reprint 1935)143K
Marriage under capitalism, AEA of Roselle, Working Woman, January 193245K
Birth control and the wage earner, H. Scott Bennett, c1917556K
Equal pay for women newspaper reports, Argus, November 22, 1940, Melbourne Herald, November 28, 194075K
Experts discuss equal pay rates, Melbourne Herald, May 11, 1952140K
Give baby a drink, The Dawn Club, November 5, 1889123K
Women’s suffrage, The Dawn, July 1889316K
The Dawn, A journal for Australian women, Vol 1, No 1, May 15, 188890K
The Dawn, Vol 2, No 11, March 5, 1890116K
The Dawn, April 1891125K
The Dawn, May 15, 1888304K
Women’s Service Guilds of WA, state executive, The case for equal pay in Australia381K
Equal pay, equal power, Self-management Group238K
The French pessaire preventif, H. Pye, speech to Victorian Legislative Council, October 23, 1935127K
Jessie Street at launch of Peace or repose204K
Proposed terms for a bill to repeal the married women teachers and lecturers dismissal act, Jessie Street, c1934-3577K
Letter to the Sydney Morning Herald, September 1, 1943, Jessie Street116K
Cheap female labour, Jessie Street, letter to Sydney Morning Herald33K
Feminist reticence, Jessie Street to Edith How Martyn, July 9, 193438K
The Beacon, Vol 1, No 1, May 1, 1893267K
The Beacon, Vol 1, No 11, March 1, 1894283K
The Beacon, Vol 1, No 11, March 1, 1894367K
The Beacon, Vol 1, No 12, April 1, 1894310K
The Beacon, Vol 1, No 2, June 1, 1893264K
The Beacon, Vol 1, No 3, July 1, 1893310K
The Beacon162K
The Beacon, Vol 1, No 6, October 1, 1893305K
The Beacon, Vol 1, No 9, January 1, 1894182K
Debate on the Douglas Social Credit system, C. Barclay Smith versus D.R. Hall, July 10, 1933522K
An outline of social credit, H.M.M.645K
Independence and the community spirit, W. Bottomley, Quest60K
Unity through religion, William Bottomley, Quest, No 32, May-June 1953140K
Will God weary of mankind? William Bottomley, Quest, March-April 195553K
Bernard O’Dowd, In Memoriam, E.M Howard31K
Ourselves and the Aborigines, William Bottomley, Quest, No 55, March-April 195755K
Manifesto of the Democratic Association of Victoria, 1872 (transcript)19K
Prospectus of the Melbourne Anarchist Club, 188617K
Australian Labour Federation platform, 189014K
Australian Socialist League, statement of principles, October 189021K
The People’s Parliamentary Platform, 189013K
The Worker, statement of aims, 189017K
Australian Labour Federation election platform, 189116K
Australian Socialist League constitution and rules, 189222K
Objectives of New Australia, December 189213K
Objectives of New Australia, November 189237K
Parliamentary Labor Party platform, 189317K
Manifesto of the Australian Socialist League to the People of Australia, September 189423K
Manifesto of the parliamentary Labor Party, 1894 (transcript)22K
What we really want, The Worker, December 14, 189518K
Australian Socialist League constitution (amended and adopted), Easter 189832K
Australian Socialist League constitution 190115K
Queensland Labor Party statement of 1905, The Worker, July 29, 190520K
To the electors, International Socialist Party, West Sydney federal electorate, 191022K
Socialist Federation of Australasia, objective and statement of principles, February 15, 190817K
Rules of the International Socialist Club, 190913K
Socialist Federation of Australasia principles and policy, February 24, 191222K
Labor’s objective, fighting platform and general program, 191328K
Social Democratic League objective, 191718K
Slave labour, imagined and real, Workers Weekly, September 11, 193116K
Your education is our liberation — pay the rent17K
The workingman’s paradise, an Australian Labour novel, William Lane (transcript)890K
War and the working class, K. Patrick, c19163.1M
Child conscription, our country’s shame, John Francis Hills, 1913707K
Socialist Federation of Australasia objective47K
Colonia Cosme, New Australia experiment, Mary Jane Gilmore400K
The problem of the ages, Peter Plainspeak, Vanaguard Tract No 10118K
The Red Light, Manifesto of the Social Democratic Vanguard855K
Forward, workingmen to victory, Vanguard Tract No 5114K
Labor’s religion, Vanguard leaflet (reprint from The Worker)314K
Socialism and Christianity, Vanguard leaflet101K
Socialism and individuality, Vanguard tract92K
Dividing up, some plain truths plainly stated, Social Democratic Vanguard80K
Christ, the light of the world, a socialist sermon, The Worker104K
An appeal to women, Social Democratic Vanguard227K
A fool’s talk, Vanguard Tract No 15197K
Woman and the social problem, Vanguard Tract No 14182K
The parable of the water tank, Vanguard Tract No 12, Social Democratic Vanguard322K
Whither? Vanguard leaflet No 17201K
The gospel of discontent, Social Democratic Federation73K
The Commonweal, Leaflets for the people No 1, What is socialism? Queensland Social Democratic Federation861K
Forward workingmen to victory, Vanguard Tract No 5112K
The wonderful doctrine of salvation, Emile Zola, Vanguard Tract No 8, Social Democratic Vanguard177K
Australian Socialist League statement of principles97K
The ubiquity of socialism, Vanguard Tract No 10202K
Religion, science and socialism, Leaflets for the people, Queensland Social Democratic Federation1.2M
The village commune, Leaflets for the people, No 4, Queensland Social Democratic Federation1.4M
The catholicity of socialism, Leaflets for the people, No 3, Queensland Social Democratic Federation1.1M
Manifesto of the Social Democratic Federation of Australasia371K
Barrier socialist songster901K
Report on the Australian Socialist League to the International Socialist Congress, Amsterdam, May 1904358K
Report on the socialist and working class movement in Australia to the International Socialist Congress, Amsterdam, May 1904, I.S. Club551K
Socialist Labor Party of Australia report to the International Socialist Congress, Stuttgart, 1907100K
The People, May 18, 1907507K
Queensland impressions, June 26, 1902190K
Set the twelve men free, Henry E. Boote, NSW Labor Council2.1M
Constitution of the Industrial Workers of the World Club, Australia and New Zealand, 1907420K
Guilty or not guilty? An examination of the IWW cases, Henry E. Boote1.6M
Fellowship, organ of the Free Religious Fellowship, No 2, September 1914157K
Fellowship, No 2, September 191497K
Fellowship, Vol 2, No 2, September 1915180K
Fellowship, Vol 2, No 5, December 1915169K
Fellowship, Vol 2, No 8, April 1916111K
Fellowship, Vol 3, No 6, January 1917131K
Fellowship, Vol 4, No 1, August 1917545K
The Free Religious Fellowship, what it stands for124K
Fellowship, Vol 4, No 3, April 1917104K
Fellowship, Vol 4, No 3, April 1917253K
Fellowship, Vol 4, No 6, January 1918245K
Fellowship, Vol 4, No 6, January 1918107K
Fellowship, Vol 4, No 6, January 1918117K
The Free Religious Fellowship, what it stands for, 1911138K
Fellowship, Vol 4, No 7, January 1918439K
Fellowship, Vol 5, No 4, November 1918154K
Fellowship, Vol 5, No 4, November 1918146K
Fellowship, Vol 5, No 5, December 1918138K
Fellowship, Vol 6, No 5, December 1919390K
Fellowship, Vol 6, No 7, February 1920267K
Fellowship, Vol 6, No 7, February 1920229K
Fellowship, Vol 7, No 8, March 1921590K
Fellowship, Vol 7, No 12, July 1921888K
Fellowship, Vol 4, No 9, April 1918273K
What is anarchism? Who are the anarchists? Communist-Anarchist Press, July 1913235K
Industrial Union Propaganda League, 1921299K
Challenge — Mr Holman, August 24, 191659K
The No-conscription Fellowship19K
Australian Trades Union Anti-conscription Congress Manifesto, November 6, 1916674K
Anti-conscription manifesto, Political Labor Council of Victoria1.0M
The mothers, No Conscription Council327K
What conscription is wanted for, Alf Wilson, Melbourne, K. Glennie, Anti-conscription League, Adelaide226K
The blood vote, W.R. Winspear and Calude Marquet101K
An open letter to women, W. P. Earsman, Citizens Defence League, 1915-16436K
Australian Peace Alliance election manifesto524K
Open letter to Australian citizens, Citizens’s Defence League, 1917846K
Returned Soldiers’ No-conscription League733K
Victorian Labor College syllabus, 1933171K
Victorian Labor College standing orders, April 1947123K
Victorian Labor College, three classes on money, A.T. Brodney30K
Victorian Labor College, classes for 1961184K
Victorian Labor College syllabus, 1966340K
Do your own thinking, Victorian Labor College1.2M
Victorian Labor College classes for 1950156K
Independent Working Class Education and the WEA, Victorian Labor College380K
Victorian Labor College classes for 1955932K
Handbook for Tutors, Marx House768K
Why not a referendum on prices? Australian Labor Party153K
This Menzies bill can put you in jail, Queensland Trades and Labor Council282K
Today is May Day, Committee to Reconstruct the Communist Party, 198659K
Workers’s Voice, Industrial Committee of the Communist Party, Vol 1, No 1, September 1979156K
For the workers at the Brisbane abbattoir, Communist Publication89K
The Labor Party, Committee to Reconstruct the Commnist Party26K
Intellectuals and the party, L. Harry Gould, Communist Review, October 1944307K
Say no to Menzies’ power grab149K
You can be shot on suspicion if High Court upholds anti-communist act, Mascot for Democratic Rights Council193K
Police thuggery in Brisbane, Central Rail Disputes Committee, March 17, 194837K
Defend world peace, a Communist publication, October 25, 196270K
Menzies concocted spy plot84K
Stick together, Communist Party, Brisbane, 194342K
For Brisbane’s sewerage: £10 million loan now, Communist Party94K
Peace forces prevent Cuba invasion, Communist Party, November 6, 1962290K
The truth about Korea, Communist Party, July 4, 1950192K
Demand summit talks now, Communist Party, Brisbane, July 14, 1958121K
The present and future demands more childcare facilities, Australian Communist Party Women’s Committee, Brisbane, February 194499K
Defend Your Freedom, R. Dixon, Australian Communist Party, February 1950560K
Women in our New World, Australian Communist Party, 19471.1M
Brisbane Guardian, Communist Party of Australia, September 27, 195783K
For peace, jobs, homes and democracy, Communist Party of Australia, 1961331K
Do you know what to do on May 3? Communist Party of Australia, Queensland, 1947378K
What future? Australian Communist Party federal election manifesto, 19461.4M
March for peace, Communist Party of Australia, May 1952282K
North Queensland Guardian, February 12, 1938218K
North Queensland Guardian, February 12, 1938227K
North Queensland Guardian, March 12, 1938247K
North Queensland Guardian, March 19, 1938251K
Unite and fight right-wing terrorism, April 20, 1972111K
Communist Party of Australia state conference, 1980157K
Communist Film Group, April-June 1972118K
Guardian, June 11, 1943208K
Guardian, 194?243K
Strengthen the fight against Menzies’ men430K
Work among women, J.B. Miles, November 20, 19432.0M
What the communist dissolution bill means to you, M. Julius851K
Appeal to women electors, Liquor Trades Union women’s committee, 1958502K
The Guardian, June 16, 1943148K
Communist Senate manifesto, November 11, 1949198K
Throw out these traitors, Brisbane abbattoir workers210K
North Queensland Guardian, May 14, 1943141K
North Queensland Guardian, May 7, 1943113K
North Queensland Guardian, January 8, 1943109K
Eureka, Communist Party of Australia Goulburn branch, October 197197K
What are they doing to Queensland? Claude Jones, 1962300K
The Toiler, October 25, 1924155K
The Toiler, December 12, 1924108K
Defeat Menzies’ Fascist bill, E.F. Hill, 1950694K
Communist Party federal election manifesto, 19311.3M
Sack Bolte instead. Vote Communist, put the Liberals last, 196165K
Australia’s way forward, Communist Party of Australia program, 1964551K
Spend an interesting Easter, Communist Party of Australia lecture series70K
Put people before profits, Communist Party election pamphlet, Roger Wilson, 1982240K
1955 federal election, Communist Party of Australia45K
The way forward, Australian Communist Party, May 1948793K
Ban this bomb, Communist Party of Australia, 1966 federal election/a>177K
Guardian social and concert120K
What’s happening in the Communist Party of Australia? c19701.3M
Report of the Royal Commission on the Communist Party, 1949-50328K
Petrov stunt backfires, Pete Thomas, June 7, 19541.9M
The Petrov conspiracy, E.F. Hill sums up1.4M
Not wanted. United to defeat Menzies31K
Peace and trade with Asia, Vote Communist25K
Giant profits, same old platform32K
The red fusaliers (sic), WJC40K
The lost ideal, Rowan Cahill29K
Aboriginal protest, press release, September 27, 19822.8M
Black School benefit, leaflet4.6M
Liberty, Democratic Rights Council, October 27, 1950258K
Liberty, Democratic Rights Council, June 26, 1951213K
Liberty, Democratic Rights Council, August 28, 1951170K
Liberty, Democratic Rights Council, October 27, 1950197K
Australians in Spain, our pioneers against fascism, Nettie Palmer, Len Fox, Jim McNeill, Ron Hurd, May 19485.2M
We’re looking after their future in the Eureka League133K
What’s going on in Palestine? Eureka Youth League113K
Youth calls for action. Eureka Youth League102K
Your country needs you for friendship, Eureka Youth League84K
Not one Aussie for Malaya. Eureka Youth League237K
CPA weekend school syllabus280K
Constitution of the Eureka Youth League704K
The Young Worker, March 1, 1931, Eureka Youth League415K
International Youth Day advertisement, August 10, 1935357K
The Young Worker, December 15, 1933216K
The Young Worker, February 15, 1933427K
The Young Worker, July 15, 1931382K
Fascism and “our” great public schools, Laurie Aarons1.1M
The Young Worker, The Charter, immediate demands all young workers must fight for, march 1, 1931223K
We can make our country truly great, Eureka Youth League, c1956225K
Curriculum for the Victorian school of the Eureka Youth League104K
On the path to unity, Max Lorkin, 1954510K
Tutor’s guide, Communist Party of Australia, july 1950461K
A letter to nature lovers, supporting a koala habitat at West Pennant Hills, Noel Burnett, November 11, 1929583K
Morpeth Review, our forest problem, January 1934363K
Proletariat, editorial, April 1932294K
Proletariat, April 1932, pp 12-13, Guido Baracchi159K
Education for victory, Marx House, courses for 19441.2M
Victorian Labor College, 1927 syllabus323K
Proletariat, Melbourne University Labor Club, Vol 1, No 2, July 1932212K
March with your mates on May Day, 1963769K
Eureka Youth League fights for peace, 195261K
Workers Weekly, NSW conference of the Unemployed Workers Movement, July 31, 1931298K
All over the world, people march on May Day, 1962308K
Australia’s 75th anniversary May Day march, 1966613K
Proletariat, Freedom and the class struggle, July 1932223K
Proletariat, Towards the emancipation of the aborigines, March 1934467K
Proletariat, How Melbourne lives, April 1932240K
Proletariat, The working class, April 1932564K
Sydney University Labor Club policy statement, 195989K
A history of the Sydney University Labor Club, 1925-451.8M
The Socialist Standard, Vol 27, No 319, March 1931197K
Socialist Party of Australia NSW election manifesto, May 1935282K
Socialist Party of Australia membership application55K
Socialist Party of Australia standing orders149K
The Socialist Standard, Vol 31, No 368, April 1935156K
War manifesto, Socialist Party of Australia, October 22, 1939132K
Socialist Party of Australia, rules and principles, 1929225K
Socialist Party of Australia speaker’s notes52K
Socialist Party of Australia speaker’s test53K
Socialist Standard, February 1943, No 342228K
The Woman Worker, Vol 1, No 6, April 7, 1929157K
The Woman Worker, Vol 1, No 3, January 7, 192993K
The Woman Worker, Vol 1, No 1, November 7, 1928130K
Australian Women’s Charter, 1943634K
Australian Women at War, July 1943430K
Melbourne Trades Hall Council equal pay for women committe, statement, July 19, 1943123K
Equal pay for the sexes, ACTU, 1961117K
What every woman should know, Queensland Trades and Labor Council135K
Women workers should receive equal pay, meat industry union, Brisbane, September 1, 1958147K
Equal pay for the sexes, Queensland Trades and Labor Council, 247K
Women at war, Australia-Soviet Friendship League181K
Housewife, No 2, October 1948152K
Women, protest against high prices, Union of Australian Women, Brisbane, 1935150K
Woman Today, May 193992K
The Aussie Woman, May 15, 1922231K
Russia Today, Tom Wright, May 1928328K
Bulletin, Socialist Party of Australia, 1983192K
Youth Voice, Young Socialist League of Australia, May Day 198780K
Australian needs a political alternative, Socialist Party of Australia139K
Communists and the labour movement, national conference, Socialist Party of Australia, 1980333K
The revolutionary party, Peter Symon, Socialist Party of Australia, 1980349K
Communists and the international communist movement, Socialist Party of Australia, 1980206K
Are women paid men’s rates? Council of action for equal pay288K
Are women paid men’s rates? Council of action for equal pay128K
Equal pay, ACSPA130K
Equal pay for the sexes, ACTU231K
Equal pay means rate for the job438K
Equal pay for the sexes, Melbourne Trades Hall Council193K
The anti-sweating league43K
The case for equal pay129K
A marriage of necessity. Equal pay, Communist Party of Australia69K
You are involved with equal pay. ACTU144K
The 40-hour week, May Brodney, 1946a000620.pdf590K
Poverty Watch, Vol 8, No 2, 19881.6M
The regeneration of civilisation1.6M
The New Day, Christian Social Order Movement, Vol 3, No 1, July 1945218K
Morpeth Review, Christianity and industry, January 1934417K
Morpeth Review, The case for communism, January 1934794K
The New Day, Christian Social Order Movement, January 1948389K
A new social order, postwar reconstruction1.2M
The rich get richer, Brian Fitzpatrick, 19441.4M
Public enterprise does pay, Brian Fitzpatrick, February 1945692K
People versus banks, E.W. Campbell, c1948741K
Labor in the post-war world, Lloyd Ross, April 1943585K
Coal, the struggle of the mineworkers, W. Orr and C. Nelson, Miners Federation c1934-351.3M
Who wants war? Katharine Susannah Prichard, 1935132K
The centenary prepares war, Joyce Manton, 1934283K
Labor’s case against war and fascism, C. Crofts and H.J. Oke, c1934-35806K
My years in the Communist Party, Ralph Gibson, Struggle against war and fascism, 1933-39181K
Fourth International founded, grand celebration, 1939389K
Manifesto of the Revolutionary Workers Party (Fourth International), July 19431.8M
Who wants war? Katharine Susannah Prichard, 1935208K
An open letter to members and supporter of the Communist Party of Australia on the Czechoslovak crisis, Denis Francis, P Collins, 1968295K
On the Czech crisis, Revolutionary Marxist Tendency of the Fourth International, July 1, 196880K
Hungary 1956, what really happened? c1980169K
International, Australian section of the Fourth International, December 15, 1961522K
International, Australian section of the Fourth International, August 15, 1961371K
International, Australian section of the Fourth International, March 15, 1962196K
Central America, the next Vietnam? Socialist Workers Party 1984165K
Aboriginal rights policy, Socialist Workers Party 1984136K
For peace and jobs, Socialist Workers Party 1984205K
Environment policy, Socialist Workers Party 1984161K
Make the rich pay, Socialist Workers Party 1984133K
For a national transport plan, Socialist Workers Party 1984148K
Break the wages straitjacket, Socialist Workers Party 1984120K
Education for all, Socialist Workers Party, 1984124K
Say no to war, Socialist Workers Party and Resistance, 198451K
Socialist Workers Party, how to vote, 198449K
The trade unions, Lance Sharkey, September 19428.4M
Southern Advocate for Workers’ Councils, No 37, September 13, 1947a000658.pdf232K
Southern Advocate for Workers’ Councils, The state and conscientious objectors125K
Southern Advocate for Workers’ Councils, “Lenin said”145K
Souther Socialist Review, June 1946, No 19114K
Southern Advocate for Workers’ Councils390K
Southern Advocate for Workers’ Councils, The “crisis” of democracy395K
Southern Advocate for Workers’ Councils, Where we stand390K
Southern Socialist Review670K
Southern Advocate for Workers’ Councils694K
Southern Advocate for Workers’ Councils, The need for the IWW241K
Southern Advocate for Workers’ Councils488K
Southern Advocate for Workers’ Councils478K
Southern Socialist Review506K
Southern Advocate for Workers’ Councils842K
Poland: the crisis of state capitalism, International Socialists c1981430K
Do you know what the H-bomb will do? Queensland Peace Council, c1955113K
Danger of total war, AICD, 1965223K
Message to educationists, AICD, October 24, 196487K
Three thousand more Australians for Vietnam, c1966-6774K
Beter to fight them over there than here? Queensland Peace Committee44K
H-bombs in Australia means H-bombs in Australia, Sydney Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, 1962131K
Peace is your business, Queensland Peace Committee, c1950s108K
Foreign bases in Australia, Victorian Peace Council220K
The men at the top must make peace now187K
Report on peace, Queensland association of the Federal Assembly for Peace, March 25, 1957160K
They want to conscript our youth to die for them, May 12, 1950294K
Peace and the German problem, Queensland Peace Committee, c1961237K
Peace, Journal of the Australian Peace Council, vol 1, no 1, April 195064K
Mr Menzies&rsqou; most famous speech33K
Facts about military conscription, Federal Pacifist Council66K
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c10000109.pdf Item lost or never stored14M
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Art and culture

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Famous Soviet films to be shown here28K
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Conservation and environment

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Anti-war, peace and disarmament

We’re marching for a nuclear-free Victoria, Movement Against Uranium Mining, November 1981337K
Can you help? Movement Against Uranium Mining134K
Worried about uranium? Movement Against Uranium Mining, 197790K
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Voice of the angry dove103K
What about the revolution?96K
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Indigenous Australians

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Calling all Aborigines, Abo Call, June 193815K
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Marking the bicentenary, Australian Historical Studies, flyer, 198816K
Koorier, December 3, 198919K
Koorier, May 3, 198913K
Koorier, Indigenous people in the environment, December 3, 198919K
Koorier, June 3, 1990, ATSIC — the future15K
A moratorium for black rights, 197213K
Is Australia a racist country? 197219K
Wallaga Lake makes land claim24K
Support a treaty with Aboriginal Australians22K
The winds of change, Aboriginal Advancement League, October 8, 196982K
Vote Ferguson for Aboriginal freedom, a biography by Jack Horner, Sydney, 197431K
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The Radical

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The Radical80K
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Australian Workman

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The Bull-Ant/The Ant

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The Co-operative Irrigation Colonies, March 3, 189189K
The Ant, June 11, 1891144K
The Ant, June 11, 1891166K
The Ant, June 18, 1891163K
The Ant, July 30, 1891154K

Industrial Workers of the World

Speeches from the dock of NSW and WA IWW members convicted of treason, IWW Release and Defence Committee, 19166.3M
My Windeyer’s great indictment, IWW Release and Defence Committee, 19185.4M
How the war came, IWW7.6M
IWW song book9.5M

Australian Socialist Party/League

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The Australian Socialist League, December 188818K
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Utopian, dystopian and political fiction

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Communist Party of Australia

Workers’ arts club16K
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Marx School library56K
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New Left Party

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Anti-Stalinist socialism/Trotskyism

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Dinner and rally for a red-green paper, 1990 (20th anniversary of Direct Action187K
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