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IF any Nation or People either in the East or West-Indies, or any where between, should have the Misfortune to be at War, and wish to be at Peace, they have only to offer the Armies of their Adversaries Double Pay for Life, from the Field-Marshal down to the Private, if they will come over to them, and be their Servants—No Army on Earth, (except the British and their Allies) could resist the Temptation of thus becoming Gentlemen for Life, therefore they would soon become the Armies of their generous Neighbours, and thus put an End to the War.

Say you so! But what Nation would be able to give both their own and the Armies of their Enemies Double Pay, and for Life too: when Nations find such Difficulties in giving their own Armies Single Pay, and that only during the War?

I grant this cannot be done without laying hold of Resources never yet thought of, I mean the whole of the Landed Property according to the Spencean Plan, and abolishing private Landlordism—For Landlords devour the Resourses of a Country and prevent it from great Exertions.

Well then, these Armies new and old, depending entirely on the Spensonean System for this their extraordinary Pay, would be to a Man its most zealous Protectors; for no System supporting private Landlords could afford to pay their Servants so liberally, therefore their Fidelity to this new System might securely be depended upon.—Again,—These Military Gentry by the spending of their large Pay would amply supply the Place of the old discarded Gentry, in the way of Trade, so that Business would feel no Check from the Change.—Moreover, there would be no occasion to recruit these Armies, the Business being done, because the Spensonean Constitution being once firmly established would take Care of itself without a Standing Army—For being at all Times able to pay their Armies so very liberally, as observed before, they could raise one instantaneously when they pleased, on the Spur of the Occasion, even from the Ranks of their Enemies.—No Power would dare to affront a People having such inexhaustable Resources. Their Armies therefore might safely be suffered to dwindle away by Deaths, and this Public Expence would thus progressively lessen until it was quite annihilated.


To be Sung an hundred Years hence, or sooner.

Tune “God Save the King.”

HARK! how the trumpet's sound, Proclaims the land around The Jubilee!

Welcome, the Day is come, Blessed Millenium, That gives to all their Sum, of Property.

The Rents of all our Land, Now they are come to Hand, make us rejoice;

Each one receives their Share, Earth's rightful Lords we are, The tuneful Notes prepare, lift up the Voice.

Sing to the Lord of Hosts, And pass around the Toasts, to Tommy Spence,

Who through great Peril ran, Having devis'd this Plan, The perfect Rights of Man, true Common Sense.

Now hath the Oppressor ceas'd, And all the World releas'd from Misery.

From this Time evermore, Lo! Spence's Plan will pour Plenty, till it run o'er, with Liberty.

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