The Restorer of Society to its Natural State

Spence's token 'Man over man he made not lord'

The Restorer of Society reasserts Spence's Plan in a serious of letters expanded with new proposals — most notably, a call for a national health service (Letter 13) — and comments on current events — including the use of the recent naval mutiny as a proof of the ability of ordinary people to self-organize (Letter 5). It was this linkage of Spence's abstract program to current events and a predicted 'great commotion' which once more brought the power of the State down on his head. The final letter calls for a revolution by the poorest against the 'great accumulations of Wealth' which enable 'unfeeling monsters' to starve whole nations, with a programme of the immediate cancellation of the National Debt and seizure of all landed property.

Spence was tried, sentenced, and imprisoned once more for writing and publishing this pamphlet. The passages used in the indictment have been marked with a blue background, and the comments made on those passages by Spence during his trial have been added, although not present in the first edition, from which this was transcribed.