Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

Ad-Hoc Committee & Hammer and Steel


First Published: As a paid advertisement in The Guardian, March 15, 1965.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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At a recent conference the AD HOC COMMITTEE FOR A MARXIST-LENINIST PARTY, U.S.A. and HAMMER AND STEEL issued a joint statement agreeing to condemn and oppose the proposed Moscow conference which is being called in an attempt to impose the revisionist line of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union on the world Marxist-Leninist Movement.

We further agreed to reaffirm our adherence to the revolutionary principles of the 1957 Twelve Party Declaration and the 1960 81-Party Statement. We unreservedly uphold the Marxist-Leninist line formulated in these historic meetings which correctly identified U.S. imperialism as the main enemy of the International Working Class and the National Liberation Movement.

Since 1960, N. S. Khrushchev, chief exponent of revisionism and division in the Marxist-Leninist camp, has suffered political defeat and has been cast into oblivion. Anyone from the U.S. or any other country who attends or supports the revisionist conference will likewise meet political defeat. For the Marxist-Leninist movement is gaining strength and unity through struggles against the twin enemies—imperialism, and revisionism. Marxism-Leninism is invincible!

The cruel and barbaric aggressions against Vietnam by U.S. imperialism is opposed by every decent, peace-loving person on this globe. Once again, the world can see why the 81-Party Conference of Marxist-Leninists designated U.S. imperialism as the MAIN ENEMY OF ALL PEOPLES, THE MAIN DANGER OF WAR.

The orders to attack the Democratic Republic of Vietnam were given by L. B. Johnson. The President of the U.S., owned body and soul by U.S. imperialism, violated the U.S. Constitution and all international agreements and laws governing relationships between sovereign states.

Last Fall we were told by many so-called Marxists, particularly the leaders of the Communist Party U.S.A., that Johnson had a mandate for peace, that his election was a victory for the people. If his election was a victory, then what is a defeat?

U.S. imperialism has suffered a severe defeat in South Vietnam. It faces a still greater defeat in all Southeast Asia. This will be a great victory for world peace and national liberation.

It will be a victory for the people of the U.S. since the vast majority of Americans, unlike Stevenson, du Pont and McNamara, have no investments in raw material and no super-profits to be extracted from Southeast Asia. Because U.S. imperialism is the main enemy, because the anti-imperialist forces are strong, Wall Street’s acts of plunder and exploitation are doomed in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The anti-imperialist force in Southeast Asia will smash the Hitler-like ambitions of Johnson and U.S, imperialism. This force is headed by the great Chinese Communist Party and supported by the Chinese people, the Socialist camp, the peoples of Africa and the oppressed masses of Latin America. It is winning ever greater support from the Afro-American Liberation Movement, representing the real interest of the working class and its allies in the capitalist countries. It is a powerful force and before it imperialism is doomed. The U.S. working class, the Afro-American Liberation Movement and the allies of both forces can and must join the struggle against U.S. imperialism. This requires the ideological destruction of those traitors to the working class, the revisionists, who deliberately supported L. B. Johnson and U.S. imperialism and who continue this support. The revisionists have lost their main spokesman, Khrushchev. It is now our task to cleanse the left-progressive camp in the U.S.A. of his followers.

Destroy Revisionism! Join the victorious peoples of the world! Fight U.S. Imperialism! Join in the struggle to drive U.S. imperialism out of Southeast Asia!

Issued jointly as a public service by:

Ad Hoc Committee for a Marxist-Leninist Party, U.S.A., Box 6193, Chicago, Ill. 60680
Hammer & Steel, Box 101, Mattapan Station, Boston, MA