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Letter to the Editor: National Question

First Published: Challenge, Vol. II, No. 17, December 15, 1966
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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To the Editor:

Congratulations for Bill Epton’s article on the “Harlem Finks.”–(CHALLENGE, Nov. 1) We have had the same type of experiences in Watts with the group of two or three people that call themselves CPUSA (M.L,). Since moving into Watts last year, Mr. Laski, the chairman or secretary general or whatever he calls himself, has had several run-ins with the brothers in Watts. Not because Laski claims to be a Communist but because of his chauvinist, missionary and racist mentality.

It’s the same old story of a white man going into the ghetto to save the Black man. Laski doesn’t understand, or refuses to recognize, the Marxist-Leninist concept of the national question being a part of the class question. PLP has analyzed the racist contradictions in American society and concluded that the national question must be taken into account at all times. Black comrades organize in the Black community as communists and white comrades do the same among the white workingclass.

The CPUSA (M.L.) “organizes” in the community by carrying a red flag (literally) and shouting slogans like “long live Leninism,” “down with revisionism,” “Stokely Carmichael is an Uncle Tom,” etc. Is this the way anyone, especially one who calls himself a Marxist-Leninist, would organize? We think not. We are led to believe that this sect is playing games or is out to disrupt any serious attempts by Marxist-Leninists like the PLP, and other militant non-communist groups like SNCC, to organize in the Black community.

It is a known fact in Watts that the two men who robbed the liquor store did so at the suggestion of Laski. When they were caught, Laski turned his back on them. Yes, we call for self-defense for Black people, but we mean it. Laski does so in Watts and then takes off to N.Y. John Harris of PLP was arrested and faces 14 years because he advocated self-defense in Watts. Why is it that Epton and Harris of PL were arrested and face so many years in prison, while the CPUSA (M.L.) sect has never been arrested, except for childish pranks like disrupting anti-war teach-ins? Obviously the ruling class is aware who the real enemy is.

Watts Progressive Labor Party