Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

P.L.P. Third Convention

From the Third convention of the PLP held July 13-15 [1973] in N.Y.C.

Miscellaneous Resolutions


Whereas internal ideological struggle against revisionism and the danger of left sectarianism is a continuing necessity for our growth as a revolutionary communist party, and

Whereas, criticism and self criticism of leadership and membership is our main method for correcting weaknesses in our policies and practices,

We hereby resolve that internal party bulletins should continue to be issued by the N.C. on a regular basis, We also propose that articles not be signed so as to minimize the danger of putting individual comrades who express differences into the position of confronting other comrades and close friends who read these bulletins of having to explain their individual views outside of the party clubs or committee that they are a member of.

1. A number of comrades throughout the country are involved in organizing in community-based organizations. The strategy and tactics of carrying out this work is at best unclear and at worst unknown, (including applying the fight for 30 for 40, the fight against racism and the question of missionary appeals to the work within these organizations).

2. We propose that the NC give leadership to a party-wide discussion of the community work geared towards implementation of a strategy.

3. We propose that the convention send greetings to comrade Consuelo Corretjer who is battling a serious illness. We wish her complete recovery. Her great spirit was shown recently when she refused to be severed from trial from the rest of her comrades because of this illness. Her courage should be a beacon to all of us to persist in our efforts against imperialism and revisionism until victory.

4. The incoming NC should designate a committee to redraft the party constitution and bring it in line with our current politics. A draft of this constitution should be submitted to the membership in the fall for their consideration. An internal discussion incorporated in the designated internal bulletins could be used for this purpose. Each area should set up a procedure for voting and adoption.