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C“C”P Tenth Congress Entrenches Fascism

First Published: Challenge, September 20, 1973.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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The Tenth Congress of the Chinese “Communist” Party was railroaded through in five days recently, the shortest time since the Party seized power in 1949.

Here are some of the CCP’s “achievements”:

Most of the old revisionists who had been denounced by the masses as “capitalist roaders” during the Cultural Revolution, are now back in prominent positions. Teng Hsiao–Ping, denounced by the Red Guards as the “No. 2 capitalist roader after Liu Shao-chi,” was elected to the Central Committee. Tan Chen-lin, director of agriculture during the Cultural Revolution, who had many Red Guards beaten and deported to work camps, and who was denounced by Mao’s own wife (Chiang Ching) as an opponent of the Cultural Revolution, is also back in leadership.
U.S. imperialism, which the Chinese leadership correctly used to call the number one enemy of the world’s people, has now become China’s number two trading partner.

PLP predicted these defeats for the revolutionary movement and the working class several years ago in our pamphlet Road to Revolution III. Socialism in China has been temporarily reversed and turned into its opposite–fascist imperialism. Chou and Mao have decided it’s more profitable for them to make all kinds of deals with the world’s imperialists than to pursue a revolutionary communist line.

China’s workers and peasants fought for socialism during the Cultural Revolution and brought many invaluable revolutionary lessons to the working class of the whole world. Neither they nor we will forget these lessons–and eventually we will send all of our bosses to the graves they so richly deserve.